36 The house secrets

When everyone arrived for the baby's first dinner John notices the feather clips in the three ladies' hair.

" Aisling I don't think that wearing those is appropriate." He gives her a stern look. He Jin gives him a bright smile.

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"Oh now you old stick in the mud. These are to pretty to be collecting dust in an old closet. Besides it's not like we are using them for what they are intended. Oh I can't wait to explore the other rooms tonight. I really don't want to wait till my next visit to see what they hold." With a pat on his shoulder and a smile she goes back inside the house to get more vegetables for the grill. John goes over to his brother.

"We need to clean out my old spot. The girls cannot see some of the things in there." He gets Inola's attention to let him know he needs to go into the room he is staying in.

"What exactly do you have in there?" The commander asks him.

"You remember the summer we went hiking the trail. In a few of those boxes are the pictures we took. You know when we were hooking up with the crew in the Carolina's . There is more than my old drug stuff and a few playboys in there." He looks at his brother hoping some understanding will dawn on him. Just then like a light bulb went off he remembered.

"Why did you not get rid of that stuff?Aisling will never let you off if she sees that." They head up the stairs to clear out the hidden closet.

" truthfully until you called me I forgot what was in there. I'm don't care about my old drug stuff or even the old dirty magazines. They all know what we were like. The other I do care about. Aisling cannot fund out." Just then Astila came out of the shower and heard them talking.

"If you are referring to the witchcraft items in the hidden room Inola already disposed of them properly. They gave him bad dreams and he could not rest his first night. He found the room that first night. He brought the spirit board down to the fire pit when everyone was asleep. He did a cleansing and burn anything to do with black magic. He felt guilty at first and was going to say something to Aisling. Then she called Onacona's spirit a different way so he knew it wasn't hers. He also burned the old dirty magazines. Though he thought the pipes were nice and asked me to see if he could actually take a couple back home. I'm sorry if my uncle did something to distress you." The two brothers looked at him and John began to grin then he started to laugh. Not just any laugh but a full hearty laugh.

"No he did nothing wrong. I'm actually very relieved that that stuff is gone. I have given Aisling such a hard time over her gifts that the last thing I want is for her to think I am a hypocrite. I know what kind of nightmare it can be when you dabble in black magic and know nothing about what you are really doing. The two weeks we were there was nothing short of a nightmare. I was so afraid after that happened. I came home and lock all of that stuff away hoping never to have to deal with it again. It took years for me to get over it. That's why I worry so about her. When she became possessed by the spirits . I was so afraid we would not be able to save her. Luckily Inola was here to help keep her safe. Inola can have whatever he desires from my closet." John goes to find the older man to thank him for clearing out the bad juju from his old room.

Astila goes to find his little lady. Seeing her sitting by the fire with a tiny baby in her arms. Made him want her even more. He knows they need to face a few things in the future about their future. Though not yet. Right now he wants to enjoy his friends last night along with the family he is becoming quite attached to. Walking over and sitting beside her he takes little Daisy from her and pulls her to his side. This is the most natural feeling brig her holding a child with the woman who holds his heart.

Debra comes to get Daisy to put her down to sleep.

" I see Aunt Jin finally found the room." She points to the feathers the three of them are wearing.

"Yes today Salali found grandmother's as well. I meant to ask you have you ever shown Sam yours?" She looks mischievously at her sister.

"Actually I have. I showed him the first night he stayed here. I wanted no secrets from him. He was fine with it. Though you know I still have the previous occupant's things in there as well. " she looked at her sister as if to say want to have a look.

"I'll go get Auntie Jin she wants to see everyone's now that she found theirs." Aisling looked at Astila wondering if he minds.

"Go ahead it's your last night with your Auntie. Also does my room have one?"he looks at her wondering what will be in his.

"Yes it was my great uncles room them my parents.My parents to my knowledge never put anything in it. So what ever is there will be his. You want to come with us. Salali wants to show you what she found in her room. " Aisling takes his hand and they go begin the treasure hunt. Thank goodness no one has ever told Aunt Jin that every room in the house has a secret even the basement. She will wait for her next visit to show her the basement secrets.

They go to find the others to start their little treasure hunt.

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