14 Teachers arrive

Aisling stretches as she feels the sun on her face . Today is the day that Astila's family arrives. After spending the day with him just being around the house. Getting the last two bedrooms ready . They played and laughed a lot yesterday. They talked about what his sister and uncle were like. Aisling has never talked to someone so much at any given time. She feels she has known him forever as if they are connected in some way. His sister is driving here so all she can do is wait for her to arrive. She needs to go and pick wild flowers and roses from the flower gardens. It is important to her that she makes a good first impression. With it being Sunday the family will be arriving after Church for dinner. So she needs to get things ready. She was surprised when Uncle John called to excuse her from church this morning. He said with company coming it would be rude to leave the house . She jumps out of her bed and quickly gets dressed. Taking special care today . Instead of one of her house dresses she picks a pair of soft jeans and a handmade lace top. Taking her time to carefully braid her hair so that it crowns her head then spilling down her back almost to the backs of her knees. She will need to wash it after everyone goes to sleep tonight. It takes such a long time to wash and brush it especially with its waves. Walking out onto the second story balcony she gazed out across the yard. The trees and flowers the crispness of the clean fresh air. She loves her little corner of the world. Looking to the left of the yard at the overgrown area she wonders if she should ask the elders if it's ok to clear it out some. It always causes a chill down her spine when she walks down the drive . She will talk to the commander when he gets back from church. Smiling to her self she turns to head down to the kitchen.

Astila hears Aisling stirring around. Smiling warmly at his ceiling. His heart is filled with excitement. His sister and uncle arrive today. He can't wait to see them. It will make him breathe easier when he returns to work tomorrow knowing that they are here. Slipping out of bed he goes to shower. When leaving his room to go into the bathroom he sees Aisling on the balcony. Her hair glistening in the sun like a coppery flame. There are times he has to catch himself to keep from the urge to run his hands through it. Standing there drinking in the sight of her small frame . Like a man in the desert finally finding water. He could watch her all day. With out notice she turns around to walk back into the house. Their eyes meet and as if time stands still they just look at each other. His dark eyes staring into her ever changing ones. He slowly walks towards her. She holds her breath in anticipation. When he reaches her he takes her chin in his hand. Gently tilting it as he lowers his mouth to hers. Softly kissing her to see how she will respond. Quickly it turns to a passionate kiss. Aisling opens her mouth to invite him to deepen his small kiss. Standing on tiptoes she curls her arms around his neck bringing him closer to her. Astila cups her bottom with his hands and lifts her up her legs going around his waist. He turns and presses her back against the wall so that she can feel his hard manhood through their clothes pressing against her most private place . His lips move from her mouth to leave a trail of fire down her neck. Aisling lets out a soft moan as the heat rises inside her . His teeth gently raking her skin sending shivers of desire spiraling from between her legs . She arches her hips pressing him closer to her. He groans holding her tighter moving her hips against him even more making him even harder. Then his tongue gently licking up her neck to take her earlobe into his mouth gently sucking. With a rasping voice he whispers in her ear.

" if we don't stop now I will not be able to. " laying his forehead against hers trying to slow his breathing and his urge to burry himself deep inside of her. She takes a deep breath wanting nothing more than to press herself against his hardness to feel him against her and inside of her. Knowing that at anytime anyone could walk in on them. She moves to separate herself from him. Looking into his eyes she sees them shining with desire. Quickly kissing him on the cheek before racing away down the steps.

Astila stands for a moment just watching her leave . Sighing he heads into the bathroom for a very cold shower.

Aisling leans against the wall of the kitchen breathing deeply. Her face flushed from embarrassment at how brazen she just behaved. How is she going to calmly face him again after this. Shaking her head she collects herself and gets busy preparing the meal for today.

Just as she is getting the roast from the oven she hears a car pulling up. Going out to greet whoever has arrived. Walking out the back door to walk around the house she sees a large red pick up truck. Behind the drivers wheel is an older version of Astila. His hair turning grey he is still very fit and tall. The lady getting out of the passenger side is small and in stature but very fit looking unlike herself. Where Aisling has very small muscles hers are very defined. Her hair is jet black in a heavy braid down her back. She has a beautiful embroidered dress on. She stops in front of the truck looking at the trees on the left of the drive . Just as Aisling goes to greet them Astila rushes out the front door jumping off the porch clearing the four steps as if they were not even there. Picking her up and swinging her around like she was a child. She squealed with delight . Hugging her brother tightly. The older gentleman just shakes his head and clears his throat.

"Children control yourselves and have some manners. Astila why don't you introduce us to this lovely girl behind you." He looks at her with admiration in his eyes.

"Edutsi this is Aisling Hawkins-Wilson . She is the owner of the house you will be staying in. Her uncle is Commander Wilson. Aisling this is my uncle Inola and my sister Salali . " he smiles warmly at Aisling not hiding his feelings in front of his family. Aisling nods with respect towards the gentleman.

"It is my pleasure to have you in my home. If you need anything do not hesitate to ask for it. I have prepared a roast with root vegetables and apple pie for dinner. My family will be here soon to eat. Would you like to come inside to rest before dinner is ready.

"No need we are fine we would like to get our things out of the way if you don't mind. " He smiles at her he can feel that her welcome and kindness is genuine .

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"Is the commander and his wife here as well?" Salali asks as she hands the heavy large suitcase to her brother.

"They attended church this morning but you and He Jin can catch up this afternoon they are staying here as well. Aisling put you in the room on the right it has its own door to the balcony. It also adjoins with Edutsi Inola's room. " Astila explains as they carry the luggage inside.

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