15 Teachers arrive part 2

Astila shows them to their rooms. Salali looks at the bright room . It done in earth tones the hard wood floors has a large area rug in front of the doors to the balcony. It's in rose brown and green. Taking a closer look she notices that it's hand made. The rise and green is actually a flower with intricate design around in alternating shades of the colors. She opens the door to the balcony to feel the sun and air in the room. She notices a small dish in front of the door picking it up she smells it. It's Pali santo and sage. Looking around the room she also notices that the curtains are hand made as well as the quilt on the bed. On the end of the curtain rod hanging is a dream catcher made in the same colors as the rug and quilt. She hears a knock on the adjoining door. Walking over to answer it Inola and Astila are standing there.

"How do you like your room? Is there anything you need?" Astila looks slightly anxious at his sister.

" my room is beautiful. It's cozy and welcoming. Had you seen it before?" He asks her brother

"No I have only seen my room. Now Edutsi Inola's . Is it not to your liking would you like to see ours to see if you like it better?" He is concerned that his sister isn't going to like it hers by the confused look on her face.

" oh no it fine , I was just curious if you had seen it . The colors are my favorite and there is a dream Catcher by the window. Also a dish of sage and Palo santo . I was wondering if you told her about what I would like is all." She looks around the two men to take a look at her uncles room. His room is more manly and done in dark cherry wood and hues of blue almost like water flowing through the room. She looks at her uncle.

" what feeling do you get from your room?" Waiting to hear his answer.

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" I get water that this room has the influence of water in it. I also have a dish of palo santo and sage by the way. I don't have a dream catcher but I do have a drum skin painted with a stream with duck feathers around it. " he looks at his nieces room he feels the earth in its color scheme. Turning to Astila he asks him

" your room what is it like?" Astila knows that they want to explore the house now that they have seen their rooms so waving them to follow him he takes them to his room. While he is at it he shows them where the bathroom is and where the clean towels are.taking them into his room the first thing they notice is his bed is made of ebony wood. The walls are white and trimmed in dark wood. The floor is the same as their room hard wood. His bed quilt has a seven point star. This design is through out the room.

" oh my she put you in a room that has the symbol for sacred fire . Does she know your name means fire. Look Edutsi his dish of herbs is a dish made from coal. Who is this woman. Do you think she would object to us seeing the other bedrooms. ?" Salali asks excitedly.

" hmm I'm not sure the Commander and his wife is using one. Then Aisling room is the one across from mine. Her sister uses the One across from Edutsi. The smallest room that adjoins between Aisling's and her sister is a nursery. It's for the new baby that is about to arrive at anytime." Just as he is explaining the layout of the upstairs rooms they hear car doors closing. So they head down stairs to meet a few more of the family.

Salali sees the commander and He Jin first and goes to give them her greetings. The older gentleman beside the commander she could tell right away that he was the reverend. The commander's brother. There were a few older ladies that brought dishes to add to the table. Then she sees Debra her eyes went straight to her stomach. Seeing that she must be very close to her time she watched her struggle to even walk. The customs of these people were different than theirs. She hopes that her uncle will not say or do anything to offend them. She sees Aisling come and help Debra to a chair . She gets a small table and sets it up beside her sister. Then she gets her a plate of food and a drink. When they all gathered by the large table filled with food Aisling's uncle john begins to bless the food. As soon as he finishes everyone starts to get their plates. Inola noticed that Aisling did not get her plate but instead was making plates for all of the elders that was not able or who were used to being waited on. Then she made plates for all of the children. Their parents were already eating. How strange that it seemed natural for her to take care of everyone in silence. As if she were their caregiver not a single woman . He sees her get Astila a plate as well . Before she can bring him one he fixes his own. Standing beside her he asks

" are you not eating? " looking at her trying to figure out this girl.

" oh I will I just always like to make sure that everyone is taken care of first. May I get you anything . If something is not to your liking I will get you something else." She looks around making sure that everyone has a plate. She hears her aunt He Jin call for her so she excuses herself from Inola.

Taking the seat next to

Her aunt she begins to pick at her food. Feeling like something is about to happen.

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