28 Talking to the spirits

Terry and the lead agent walked up to the front door of the house before they could even knock the commander came out.

" good evening gentlemen how are things going?" He looks haggard like he hadn't slept in days.

" commander we wanted to come to tell you we finished at the lake. There were a total of six bodies. One of which was much older it was just bones and had really old clothes. The other five were within the last five years. We also found some old junk and well as a few motorcycles and some gold and silver jewelry and coins. Everything that is not related to this case will be kept in a locked storage shed and the health department said after a few weeks of running the water through a filtration system it will be safe again. So we have the pools set up to filter the water ." Terry informs the commander.

"Have you talked with your niece about talking with Daniel?" The lead agent asks him hoping he is going to cooperate.

" yes, and she is willing. When would you like to have her come and talk to him?" Inola walks out just as the commander informs them of the Aisling agreement.

" How soon will you be wrapping up at the lake we would like to get things cleaned and start getting back to normal ." Inola looks at the agent knowing he is the only one who can say when they can do it.

" We are done we are in the process of collecting everything we need from the area so I would say by tomorrow night at the latest. At that time I will be able to give you the keys to the storage shed and the companies in charge of filtering the water will be in touch. Now so you know since I insisted on draining the lake you will not need to pay for anything except the removal of the junk that is left behind though not all of it is junk. " the agent shakes their hands and asks the commander to have Aisling at the station in the morning by nine if possible. With that, they leave and the two go back into the house. Aisling is sitting on the floor she is exhausted. Looking at her uncles as if in severe physical pain.

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" how much longer can she do this for?" Asks John.

" Inola we need to cleanse the area to set free the spirits soon or she won't survive."Salali takes some water to her and makes her drink.

Over the last days, Aisling has had one spirit after another come at her from the moment they took the first body out. They did everything Onacona told them to. She is battling for every breath. Aisling raises up on all fours like a dog. And screams in an animal-like way.

" When my body is given back I will give her back . " she hissed at them. Inola sits and begins to chant hoping to calm her Aisling become quiet.

" Tomorrow we go to see the one who did this to you. Once they get him to talk and they know your name they can give you back to your family. They can lay you all at peace. This is not this girl's fault but the fault only of the one who did this to you. She is trying to help get you back but you must help her. You must allow her to rest and eat. You must allow her to go to talk with this man. Will you do that ?" Inola chants again until Aisling has fallen asleep. Salali gets a beep on her phone it's Astila she goes out to the porch to talk to him.

" why isn't Aisling answering her phone she hasn't answered in days what has happened?" He is frantic with concern wanting answers.

" she has been preoccupied. The spirits from the lake have been possessing her one by one since the night they started pulling them out. We have had a few nights with no sleep. Some have been just sitting and crying for hours while others are a little more colorful in their speech. So far she has been possessed by five spirits this last one has been the angriest of them all. The house is in shambles and I think her uncles are close to losing their minds with concern for her. John and Inola have been praying nonstop. They want her to go talk to Daniel tomorrow morning. Inola is trying to convince the spirit that is here now to cooperate so that she can go. They say that they will be done by tomorrow night. So hopefully we can do the cleansing tomorrow. Your Aisling is one strong girl. She has been to their hell now for days I don't know how she will be once this is over. I hope you can come soon. " Astila listened to only silence as his sister told him of Aisling. His heart is wretched with pain knowing she is in pain.

" does Inola think that they came when she called Onacona?" His voice is very quiet almost afraid to know the answer.

" no, he said the house was clear that the only spirit that came that day was him. He said that Aisling is an empath that she can channel spirits and their emotions that's why they are here that once they are satisfied and are able to move on they will. It's just that she is not able to rest between the sadness and anger of these spirits. She is more sensitive than either of us are. I can feel them only. She can see and communicate completely with them as if they are sitting right beside her. I don't even know if Inola can help her at this point." Salali gives a sigh of frustration.

" I will be home tomorrow my duties are done here I will come to help. I can be there in the early hours. I will take her with the commander to talk to Daniel." He tells his sister good night and hangs up the phone. Packing his clothes he grabs his Keys. The nurse sees him as he is leaving.

"Dr. People have a safe trip back." Smiling at him hoping to get his attention. He just waves as if he barely noticed as he hits the elevator button.

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