29 Talking to spirits 2

Astila rushes back to Aisling's house not wanting to be separated any longer. Wanting to give his uncle and sister some rest. Arriving at the house Astila said a little prayer before going in . Unsure of what he will find he braces himself. He went inside and everyone was in the living room. They had candles lit and sage burning along with obsidian stones throughout. Aisling was laying in the floor her hair matted and dirty . She had scratches all up her arms and legs like she had been drugged through a briar patch. He walked over to her to try to help her up. The stench coming from her was so bad his eyes were watering and he was gagging.

"Aisling lets go get you cleaned up and ready for bed." He gently talks to her so not to startle her.

" your precious Aisling isn't here right now . You can have her back when my body is given back." She hisses and spit at him.

" where do you want us to take your body?" Astila quietly asks her.

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" I want to go back to Massachusetts. I want to be with my mom. I need to be with my mom." She begins to cry her shoulders slump over and she cried for the next hour. Astila held her while she cried promising to make sure she gets back to her mom.

" can you tell us what happened so that we can make sure that you can go back?" Salali asked

" my friend and I wanted to have a grand summer trip . We started out in Massachusetts and wanted to hike the trail to Georgia before starting school. Whe got to Harpers Ferry and this man kept following us. We thought he was hiking the trail as well. He told us he could show us the best place to camp. One that was not on the map. We turned him down and started back up the mountain. When we came to the first rest stop on the map he wasn't to far behind us. We ate dinner that was when we became sleepy. The next thing I remember we were beside a lake he was talking to us about how he was going to kill us. That if only we had agreed he would have just had a fun romp with us. Since we turned him down he was going to have his fun while he drained our blood. He had a tube and it was sticking out of my arm. He put the other end in his mouth. Every time he shoved himself inside of me he sucked my blood through the tube. When he was done he slit my throat and threw me into the lake with a boat anchor tied around my waist along with my friend. I need to go back to my mom please. " she begins to cry again.

" did he say anything else to you?" Salali asks this time.

" when he came inside of me he yelled Aisling over and over. " she looks at them and with a guttural laugh.

" that's funny isn't i am now the person he really wanted." Looking at Astila she laughs and licks his face like an animal.

" I need you to let her go . The only way to ensure we can get you back to your mom is to let her go. She will confront him and get him to tell what he did when he does that then they will contact your family. Then your body can go back . I promise. " Astila keeps trying to reason with the spirit so that he can get Aisling back. Hoping that this will be enough.

"I tell you what I will leave this body but I won't leave this house wherever this body goes I will go. If you are lying to me. I will take over again when I do next time she will die the same as me." With that the spirit left Aisling. There beside Salali stood a girl her coloring very similar to Aisling in almost every way. Astila nods at her picks up Aisling and carries her up stairs to the bathroom. Salali runs a warm bath and Inola goes and makes her tea while Salali bathes her. She is asleep before she even gets into bed. Astila stays by her side the rest of the night while the three uncles clean up the down stairs. The girl sits on the floor of Aisling's room watching her and Astila through the night. Waiting to see what tomorrow will bring. Astila woke during the night and there sitting on the floor was the young girl and two other women. He looks at them wondering what the other two want. They notice he is awake. The one girl is blond and smaller that the redhead. She just stared at him. The other was also small but this one had long black hair her skin almost translucent. He arm was missing .

She speaks to him.

" I am sorry we put her through so much and scared the others. But the torture that man put us through was even worse. It was like we were her substitute. He did the things to us because he was to afraid to do them to her. He cut my arm off because I hit him . We can't leave here or her until we are where we are supposed to be. The others moved on at the time of their death but us we were so angry that we can't move on yet. We don't mean to hurt her we just need her to make things right." Her eyes seem to look tight through him looking into her eyes . He can see exactly what happened to her. His entire body becomes like ice and he can feel her anger and anguish. Astila knows this has to end for everyone's sake.

" hopefully it can end today. We leave here in a few minutes to talk to him and to see if we can get him to confess. " Astila is telling the spirits this when Aisling wakes up. She looks at him the notices the spirits on the floor. Getting up she goes over and sits with them

" I am sorry for all the pain you suffered and I will do whatever I can to help you find peace I promise." She sits on her knees and bows to them as if to say forgive me. When finished. She stands and turns to Astila

" I'm ready let's go make this bastard pay." With that, she walks out of her room and heads straight for the car to go confront the monster Daniel

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