30 Talking to Daniel

After Aisling awoke she got ready quietly to go to see Daniel. Her heart was heavy with guilt and sadness at what the women endured. She knew the spirits had attached themselves to her and that they were there waiting to see Daniel.

When they arrived they were met by Terry and the federal agent. They went over what questions she was to ask and what they were looking for. They also told her that if at anytime she felt uncomfortable she just needed to call for them . They assured her that he would be unable to lay hands on her .

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Aisling walked into the room seeing Daniel her stomach knotted up and she wanted to throw up. At least the wretched smell that always accompanied him was gone. They made him shower and clean up while being incarcerated. He smiled when he saw her. He was so happy to see her. He began to laugh with excitement.

Aisling looked around the room seeing that the three spirits were in the corner watching with a mixture of fear and anger.

"Aisling darling I'm so happy you came to see me. You mustn't believe what they say about me. I would never hurt you. I could never do to you what was done to the others. " he doesn't try to hide the fact that he hurt the others.

" what did you do to the others?" She asked him.

" oh you know only what they deserved for denying me. You know they should have been like you kind and gentle. Helping others instead of acting like they were better. " he fidgets from the excitement that he is actually talking to her.

" how many have you hurt and why?" She really wants him to confess to how many so they know exactly how many.

" I don't know there were your cats I hated that they could be close to you and I couldn't. Then my parents after they beat me for killing your cats. They really were not good parents. Then there a man and little girl at the river they came up on me when I was watching you play with the others . The old man was angry because I was masturbating and called me dirty. He really got on my nerves. I only wanted to be close to you to watch you. When my urges got more than I could deal with then I would find someone else to ease it. I could never hurt you. Then I stumbled upon the countless people on the trail. An endless supply of people to take care of my urges. Not long after I found the trail I found that your house was on the edge of it . I could live there and see you all the time. I was so content at my different hide outs. I had the best of both. " his eyes are shinning like blue jewels with remembering of his deeds.

" what about the lake on my property did you go there?" She quietly asks afraid what is going to happen when the spirits hear him.

" oh I reserved that spot only for the special ones. The ones that reminded me most about you. There was this redhead that I liked a lot her green eyes so much like yours when your happy. Her blood tasted so good I came over and over again inside of her. If only she had not refused me I could have drank from her and enjoyed her luscious body longer. You know she came from my mothers hometown in Massachusetts her and her little friend. There were others there also but she was the most remarkable. I can't wait to get out of here I have that urge just being close to you. Here give me your hand let me show you." He tried to reach for her but his cuffs can't let him reach. Aisling stands up and backs towards the door. Wanting to get as far from him as possible. The agent opened the door to let her out . As soon as she got out she collapsed into Astila's arms. She lost consciousness from the strain . Astila lifted her and looked at the officers.

"She is done here I hope you got what you needed . She will not be able to help you further . " with that he turns and carries her to the car to get her back home where he can help her. Inside the room Daniel is screaming for her as if his life depended on her being with him. The agents have more than enough to convict him . They just now have to contact the families to identify the remains and the ones that are unidentifiable they will bury as unnamed. They finally got a response from the judge in Maryland. They have a search warrant . Sending Daniel back to his cell. They leave to go search his house. Hopefully they will be able to get more answers to the last questions they have.

Astila gets Aisling home he carries her straight upstairs to her room laying her down on her bed. Looking around to see if the spirits followed them still. Not seeing them he hopes that they have left. He leans down and kisses her forehead. Checking her vitals everything seems fine . She moves and grabs his hand . He smiles she is just finally sleeping soundly a good healing sleep . Laying on the bed beside her he curled his arm around her and falls asleep with her.

Looking at them from the doorway.

Aisling uncle the commander looked at the two of them seeing how tender and caring Astila is with his niece he knows they are meant to be together. He will help them as much as he can to overcome whatever the family throws at them. He hopes that this ordeal will be over soon so that he can see his wife and so that Aisling can be there for the birth of the new baby.

Gently closing the door to let the two Rest In Peace before they have to disturb them for the cleansing of the lake.

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