43 Special gift

The meal was delicious and as promised Aisling got her favorite dessert. Apple Carmel cheesecake with vanilla ice cream. Astila watched eat he could tell how much she enjoyed it just by the look on her face. When they were done Aisling waved at Jay.

"We are ready to go I know Pap won't except payment but make sure the waitress gets this. Also, I will bring your herbs by on Monday." She hands him a large tip for the waitress. Then as if remembering something.

"Didn't her son just have a birthday a couple of days ago ?" Looking at the waitress puzzled because she couldn't remember exactly when her son's birthday was.

"It's actually tomorrow. You always remember around the time but not the exact day. You know I don't know how you can with how many birthdays you need to remember as it is. Which reminds me I have a present for Debra twins from our family. I will make sure to bring it on Monday for you. " Aisling smiles at him and hands him another twenty dollars.

"That's for her to get something for her son. I know she has a hard time. " just as she hands him the money the waitress arrives with their food.

"Aisling sweets give Debra a hug for me. Tell her I will come to visit soon." Jay gives the girl her tip.

"Aisling this is too much." She goes to handsome back to her. Aisling refuses

"Excuse me but that's not all for you. Little man's birthday is tomorrow so that is for him as well. Also, tell him I will be by soon to take him riding." She hugs the girl and they go to leave. Astila drives to the river and parks turning to Aisling he leans in for a kiss.

"Why are we here instead of home?" She is nervous because her uncle's house lights are on and he will see them if he is still up.

"Don't worry I'm not a teenager I don't plan for us to do anything in the car. " he grins and gets a quick kiss. He then tells her to watch over the water. He flashed the headlights. Within minutes fireworks were going off above the water. It was beautiful being able to see them in the sky as well as the reflection on the water. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement and joy. When they were over.

"How did you do this?" she gives him a big kiss her head on his shoulder.

" I was told you love fireworks so I got your uncle and the boys to let some off for me when I gave them the signal." He opens the glove compartment and pulls out a box. Opening the box she sees a ring looking at him. He takes her hand in his.

" I chose emeralds and diamonds for your engagement ring. The emeralds suit you more than just diamonds. It's in the shape of a rose . Will you marry me? Will you stay with me forever?" she nods yes as he puts the ring on her finger. He places next to the first ring he gave her a few weeks ago. She kisses him deeply. Snuggling closer to him.

"We should go home because we have an audience and your uncle may like and approve of me. I don't think he will want to know for sure that I have taken your virginity." Astila's phone rings speak of the devil.

"Yes, sir she said yes, and thank you and the boys for your help. We are heading home now. We will talk soon and thank you again." Aisling bursts out laughing at Astila's face as he starts the car.

" So whose room are we sleeping in tonight?" She smiles at him mischievously.

"Whichever one you want. As long as I don't have to be separated from you. " they get home and Sam is at the house with the twins.

"Sis I'm sorry I know we were to give you guys three days but something is wrong with Debra. She is burning up with a fever and in extreme pain. " he is frantic with worry they run into the house and there on the couch is Debra drenched in sweat. Astila goes back out to his car and grabs a bag. Taking her vitals. He takes out his phone and calls for an ambulance. Giving them her vitals. He tells them that she just had twins less than two months. He looks at Sam.

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"We are going to get her taken care of do you want Aisling to stay or go. " not knowing if Sam will be able to make the decision that needs to be made.

"She May need surgery her symptoms are that if a bad gall bladder. If it's ruptured as I suspect it could get worse if we are not on time. I need to know just how long she has had her fever and pain."

"It started the day Salali left. And just kept getting worse. She didn't want to say anything because everyone agreed to give you guys some real time alone. So that you could talk and find out what your feelings really were. " he looks at Aisling tears streaming down

" you know I'm no good in a hospital. Can you go and if she needs me to call me. The aunties said if needed they will take the twins but I can't leave them." Aisling hugs him and kisses each baby's head.

"Of course you know that I will always be here for you. " the ambulance pulls up and they get Debra into it with Astila going with her. Aisling follows in the car. Just as they are pulling out of the drive John and the aunties arrive to help.

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