44 Sister love

They get to the hospital. Astila fills the Drs in on what Debra vitals were when they arrived at the house. Debra is only semi-conscious. They take her straight to do a sonogram on her stomach. Astila gives the nurses his information. Letting them know that even though he is a thoracic surgeon. He will be available if needed. He goes back to sit with Aisling in the room. He calls Hopkins to tell them that he may not be in on his next shift.

"I need to speak to the chief. It's Dr. People yes I will hold. " after only a few moments the Chief of surgery is on the line.

" I am calling because we had to bring Debra into the emergency room. It looks like her gallbladder and she may need surgery. She has not regained full consciousness since being in the ambulance. They have her in radiology now checking to see what it looks like. You know she just had twins. So I can't really leave Aisling until we know what needs to be done. I just need you to get someone to cover my rounds and class on Monday. Also, can you give the chief here a call to let him know What my credentials are? That way if they don't have someone right away I can take care of it. "

The dr on the other end lets him know he will do as he asks. He tells Astila that right now the patient comes first. Not to worry he will cover for him himself if necessary. They hang up and a few moments later the dr comes into talk to Aisling.

"This gentleman is right it's her gallbladder. She needs to have emergency surgery. There are several stones one is lodged in the duct. That isn't the only problem the gallbladder is gangrenous and by the looks of it. It may be leaking. We have taken her to get prepped as soon as our surgeon can get here we can start. " Aisling looks at Astila worry and fear is in her eyes. She looks like she is about to burst into tears.

"You do it. I will sign whatever papers that are needed but if waiting even a moment puts her life in danger you do it."

"It's not up to me it's up to the Dr. here if they allow it I will." He hugs her letting her cry. Whispering to her not to worry. The nurse comes in and tells him the chief is on the line. He excused himself to take the call.

After a few moments, he comes back.

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"This way looks like your scrubbing in. My chief tells me you are the leading thoracic surgeon in the country if not the world. At least according to John Hopkins medical school. Truthfully I don't know how long it will take for the surgeon to get here. Since she is unconscious that is a bad sign. So you're here and you're a surgeon. " he takes Astila to get ready for surgery. Aisling calls Sam to let him know. He lets her know that the whole family is at her house so he is coming to the hospital. Debra is in surgery by the time Sam gets there. The hospital surgeon arrives about twenty minutes later. He is not pleased to be called out on a weekend to just be told someone else took his surgery. Aisling heard him being nasty to the nurse. Walking over to him she doesn't say a word and slaps him in the back of the head.

Turning to see who dared to touch him he glares at Aisling.

"Go ahead and call the police you selfish self-centered moron. Do you know that is my sister in there? She came in the unconscious because her gallbladder is gone. It's infected and possibly leaking gangrene you dare to complain. She has newborn twins what will they do without a mother. Yes someone else volunteered to take your surgery. He is doing it not for the money he is doing it to save my sister. How dare you call yourself a doctor if you are not willing to put your patients first. ." The Dr looks at her in shock.

"Aisling calms down I'm sorry. I didn't know that it was that serious they just told me I needed to come in. I was not in town we went to a ball game. I'm sorry really. Do you know who the surgeon is performing the surgery?" He turns to the nurse.

"It's a Dr. Astila People. The chief called and said he apparently is a very prominent surgeon. He seems to be connected to Hopkins." She looks at him wondering if she needs to call the police or not. His eyes get wide at the name.

"What is such a great surgeon doing here. He is amazing. I tried to get into his class but it was full. " looking at Aisling she smiles brightly at him. Flashing him her ring.

"That amazing man is my fiancée. Now, Curtis, we need to talk about your manners. First, you need to apologize to the nurse. Secondly don't ever complain again about having to cut your weekend short when needed. Your just lucky that I decided not to call your mama." She takes him by the arm and they walk into the waiting room to fit with Sam.

About an hour later the nurse comes out to ask if there are any blood relatives. That Debra wasn't leaking infection it was blood and she needs a blood transfusion. Aisling goes with her and gets tested. They are a match so she gives them several pints. She then calls her family from both sides and lets them know that they need anyone with O+ or AB + blood to come to give for Debra. Within the hour the hospital corridor was lined with family being tested and giving blood. The lab had to call extra nurses from other departments to help. Curtis also helps with the flow so that the family is calm and the nurses are not too flustered. One nurse looks at the doctor and inquired as to why there were so many. He just laughed

"Well as you know we are getting this blood for a patient in the operating room. This is her family. They believe that when one is in need it's the responsibility of all to help. They also come from a large brood. You see Aisling's great grandparents on her mother's side between them had twenty children. Then her fathers had sixteen. Of course, when those kids have four or more this is what you get. These are just the ones that live close by. " he looks up and sees the girl of his dreams watching him. It's Aisling's cousin Samantha. Hoping this will win him a few points as well.

"So Doc have you heard anything yet about Debra ?" She asks him as he goes to put the needle in.

" no nothing since they told us they needed blood. The Dr operating though is one of the best. He also is Aisling's fiancée so he knows he has to save her. " she watches him closely as he finishes up.

"So you know I've been waiting for you to get past this fear you have of my family. So I'm going to ask you instead. Will you go out dancing with me Saturday night? I promise the boys won't bother you." She watches him under her lashes hoping that he is going to say yes.

" I will pick you up at seven for dinner. " grinning like a fool. He holds her hand just a few extra minutes. They hear the door open Astila comes out of the operating room.

" she is stable and we took her gallbladder out. We had to reconstruct the bile duct and repair a tear in the liver. There were a few stones as well. She is sleeping now she should wake up soon. For tonight only one person can stay. We thank you for all the blood donations we had enough with just two pints. Though the blood you are giving is very much needed. It rare to find certain blood types so thank you all for coming out so quickly. " Astila the whole time he is looking at Sam telling him about his wife at the same time looking for Aisling. He sees her in the corner of the room. Sitting quietly alone going over to her he sits beside her and takes her hand.

"She is ok and after a few days she will be home. " she looks up at him and just kisses his cheek. Laying her head on his shoulder. The family he hadn't met yet stares at then. Aisling decides they are all here she may as well get it over with.

"Everyone this is Astila he is my soon to be husband."

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