232 Sirens song 6

the cavern began to shake, and a chamber opened on the back wall of the cavern. The men look at Xiangin for an answer. She shrugs and tells them. 

"I did not know it was there; I have only ever been in this part of the cavern. " Xiangin goes over to the entrance to see what is inside. There are treasures and more bones. The back wall of the chamber is the same crystal that the coffin was made of. Encased in the Crystal are several ancient sirens. These sirens had not only the silvery sheen to their skin, but they had wings. These must be the true form of the fallen ones. The men were mesmerized by them, unable to move. Xiangin shakes Dude, but he can't take his eyes from the sleeping siren. Xiangin begins to cry out of fear that she has brought them to their death so she could be free. 

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