228 Sirens song 2

Aisling wakes up , its stopped raining outside. She goes out on the balcony outside their room to look at the stars . Hearing the ocean she looks across the yard to the beach. It's so peaceful with the soft wind and the sound of the waves . Aisling decides to go out for a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise. Walking along she hears a noise in the water, looking out in the direction of the sound there is a man standing in the surf. Watching him Aisling gets a bad feeling in her stomach. Aisling turns to start towards the man to see if he is ok when in an instant he was gone. No sound or trace of him could be found. She hears a woman calling for him Aisling calls out to her . 

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" he was just in the surf a few moments ago but i don't seem him now."  The woman begins to panic . 

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