236 Sirens horn 3

Aisling arrives at Xiangin's home to get her and Gigi. Looking at the two together Noah is right they look more like sister's not grandmother and granddaughter. When Gigi gets into the car she noticed that she has a pendant like Xiangin's, the father must have given her one to suppress her powers like Xiangin. When they arrive at the bed and breakfast Gigi turn to the cellar door. Not the one that is open to the public but the one that Macha had kept her son in. Aisling knows where they must go. She turns to the ladies and asks them.

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"How do you feel about exploring caves?. This house has two cellars one that is just beneath the house and one that is a large cavern. The entrance is in the graveyard. We found the book there many years ago. Are you up to taking a look?" Aisling knows she can portal them  in if no one is around. Not knowing if the entrance is still passable or not. Gigi giggles and tells them . 

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