129 Secrets revealed

Jasmine calls Yona to set up a meeting with him. She has some news about the case he has her and Will working on. They agree to meet at Marshal's bar before opening. She calls a friend at the FBI she explains the situation with the local mayor and sheriff. He agrees to come and help out. 

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Yona lets Aisling know what is going on before he leaves. On his way to the bar he gives Audis a call. 

"Audis has the results of the DNA came back yet?" Audis calls his assistant to ask. She brings him the file

"I have them right here in my hand. Do you want me to bring them by tonight?" 

Yona thinks for a moment and then asks him.

"I am meeting my team at Marshal's bar , can you meet us there in about ten minutes?" 

Audi's looks at his calendar to check his next meeting and it's clear so he lets him know it's good. Audis gets the envelope and lets his assistant know he needs to go out. 

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