257 Salali’s secret

On the way home, Salali decides to tell Randy her secret. 

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"umm, I have something to tell you; I hope that you will be happy about it." Salali starts hesitating. 

Randy gives her a sly grin and teases her. 

" Let me guess; we are going to have another baby." He looks at her, seeing the surprise on her face. 

"How did you know?" Salali asks 

"Like I wouldn't notice that your moody, angry and emotional. That you barely eat or wrinkle your nose at the smell of raw meat. I noticed right away also, I know when you have your cycle, you always sleep in the guest room, it's been nine weeks since the last time we slept apart." Randy smiles at her, letting her know that he is happy about it. He wonders if she will like what he is trying to do. 

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