96 Road trip 2

The uncles are watching the two men slam out of the Rv. Not seeing anyone else exit either they are just letting them blow off steam or they are asleep. Moll decides she isn't sitting still. She needs to check on her patient. Getting her medical bag from the trunk she walks over to the RV. She runs into Dude his anger is coming off him like a wave of fire. She nods and goes inside. Sam points to the back, she slips back to check. Smiling at her four girls sleeping. She pulls out a few crystals and some lavender oil. Touching each forehead she whispers.

"Sleep the sleep of healing

Do not wake while tempers are reeling

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Awake refreshed and happy

When at our destination we arrive"

Using the oil in a pipe she blows the smoke through the small room closing the door to keep them sleeping.

Looking at Sam he knows she is like Aisling. He nods to her and asks.

"Will the anger up here disturb them?"

Moll smiles at him and takes his hand.

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