122 Remi wakes up

After three days Remi finally opens her eyes. She just looks around wondering how she got here. She sees her mom sitting in the chair asleep. She goes to move but her side hurts and she becomes dizzy with pain. The last thing she remembers is getting out of her car at Aisling's house. She needs to get out of here before he finds out she is here. 

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Astila comes in to check on her he sees she is awake . Looking extremely frightened Remi is trying to get the tube out of her mouth. Astila rushes over to her bedside to calm her . Whispering as to not wake up Charlie . 

"Remi it is ok I'm here. No one is going to hurt you here. You are fine stop struggling. Now that you are awake I can take this out. Please stop now ."

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