120 Remi trouble

Aisling and Yona head to the back porch to see why Remi has come. When they see her in the light she has blood everywhere. Her eyes are cut and bleeding ,her mouth is busted. She collapsed almost as soon as she arrived. Yona picks her up and carries her inside . Looking at Astila he yells call an ambulance now! His face is livid with rage but his voice is quivering with fear. Telling Aisling to bring a camera they need evidence before they can clean her wounds. He sees bruising around her neck. Onacona comes down stairs with Maureen they look at each other as if they know who may have done this. Yona looks at them with a puzzled look on his face.

"Spill it why do you look like that?" Yona yells at the two of them.

Maureen jumps startled at his anger.

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"It's just it's the same way Aisling looked when she was beaten in high school. Almost like it could be the same person. " Onacona told him.

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