140 Remi’s first date

The next morning Remi meets with Maureen and Winona for her session. They have their meditation then straight into the session. Winona decides she wants her to go back further than the day of the attack. To hopefully make her more comfortable with things. Once Remi is under she asks her a few questions hoping she will answer her. 

"How old are you in this time?" Remi doesn't respond. 

"is there anyone bothering you in this time?"no response. Winona decided to stop there and bring her out. If she won't have any response there is no reason to continue. After she is out of hypnosis Winona tells her a few truths. 

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"Remi if you won't cooperate I can't help you. No one can hurt you or your family anymore so it's ok to speak up . I had hoped that if we went back to a happier time you would speak . If you don't let me know what is going on in your head I can't help. " with that she gets up and walks out. Maureen walks over beside Remi to comfort her. 

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