12 Rat is trapped

Terry takes Daniel into custody ,with the video of him killing the boy and raping the girl he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. If they can tie the other bodies to him along with stalking Aisling. It will be much easier especially since this crime was on federal land. The Feds will be here in the morning. Hopefully they will be able to tie up all the loose ends. Thank God Astila was here to help out. Though he normally does not like civilian help he was grateful for it this time. The girl along with the two sleeping men were taken to the hospital. What ever those two took really knocked them out . They not only slept through their friend being murdered they never woke up all the way to the hospital. Terry tells the guys to make sure to collect all of the hikers belongings, and bring them to the station.

When Aisling wakes up she goes down to the kitchen to start breakfast for everyone. Her aunt and uncle are already there with Terry.

"Good morning has something happened?" As she walks towards the sink to wash her hands. Getting the coffee going she starts for the refrigerator to get what she will need to start the meal.

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" I was just telling Your Aunt and Uncle that we arrested Daniel in the early hours of the morning. His prints are a match to the ones we found on your property. Aisling he is a murder and a rapist . It makes my skin crawl thinking how close he stayed to you. With out you even knowing. Astila was the one who caught him for us. I will be forever grateful that he was here to protect you. " Terry looks at her back waiting for her to say something.

" Did you check his background like I asked you to days ago?" She turn her eyes looking at him with anger.

" Honestly no I didn't think it was him. I kept thinking that it would be to far fetched. Though thinking that when we found the bodies on federal ground I was relieved that if we were going to have cross state lines. It was going to be easier with them involved. You know that I don't believe in all of the stuff you do. I need evidence not just I got a feeling." He lowers his head waiting for the smack that is about to hit him. He got a big wallop but not from Aisling. Her Aunt hits hard for such a tiny woman. Looking up in surprise at how hard she hit . The commander busts out laughing at his wife's face. This boy is about to get an earful. Hopefully she remembers to give it to him in English.

" you don't believe in what. How dare you sit in this kitchen and say such things. Every since the beginning of time there have been people with a gift of knowing. It's called intuition or instincts. You trust yours when needed so why can't you trust that when someone with a real gift tells you. You stupid red neck. I don't know why God had to create such dumb beings. She told you to check into him. She saw him , spoke to him and you didn't believe her. You need to find another line of work if your this stupid. You may have been able to catch him sooner if only you had listened." She smacks him across the head again just to make her point.

" you know that you just assaulted a police officer. By rights he could arrest you my sweet wife." The commander just grinning at her

" I may not have checked into him but I took precaution against him. I put an officer at the store he has to pass to get here. I also have cameras placed all over the property to know the second he stepped foot here. I needed evidence to do a background check or at least a valid suspicion. " Terry defends himself. Aisling took this opportunity to raise a question.

" ok I can understand that . Then why did you run a background check on Astila and have it done within a few hours?" Staring at him . Making sure he knew he better tell her everything.

" hey the guy just happened to show up at exactly the same time the psycho did. Also he showed no signs of wanting to leave you. He just met you. Who drive up random driveways anyhow." Terry realizes that he is going to get slapped again this time Aisling is going to be the one to hit him. Sure enough right up the back of his head she slapped him making him hit the front of his head on the table.

" I know you won't believe me. I dreamed that he was in a cave with pictures of us as kids. This is why I believed it was Daniel. That isn't all there were dead bodies in the cave with him. The reason I said to check into the store and across into Maryland is because the one of the vantage points I saw was the view from Maryland Heights. I don't know maybe he lives in Maryland. Maybe that cave is there or even somewhere else. I saw this right after he came here asking for food and water. When Astila interrupted his plan I knew that he was dangerous. When I saw the talisman there was no doubt. He keeps bones of his dead. His childhood home still stands. It's overgrown and broken down but it's still there. His grandfather kept the taxes plaid just incase his parents came back. The talisman he carried it was from someone close to him." she has no emotion in her voice as she tells him this. It's as if someone else is talking through her. Terry looks at her wondering how she knows all of this.

" sheriff I think you have some more work to do. You want to know why I had Astila's records sealed. He has the gift as well. He kept our company safe because he knew when death was around the corner. Since he is a Native American a lot of rumors and hazing started from those outside of our company. I told him to follow his dream to be a healer like his uncle. I sealed his records because even after he left there were those who wanted to find him and try to see if the rumors were true. I wanted him to live burden free of his military life. When you called me I told you what I did so that you would leave him alone. I knew if he was here my family would be safe. I also knew that he would recognize Aisling's ability. That is the reason his sister and uncle will be arriving tomorrow. I want her to understand her abilities and how to ward off those like this Daniel. So I suggest you take what they have told you and work with the Feds to find out just how evil this person is. Make sure every loophole is closed so that he has no chance to get out. " taking what the commander said Terry stands up to take his leave.

" don't think you are leaving without breakfast. I know you if you leave now you will be a bear to everyone. Sit yourself back down and eat. Remember no matter what happens you are still my blood brother." Aisling hugs the sheriff and raises her index finger showing a small white scar. Reminding him of the day they decided to become blood siblings. He leans down and kisses her forehead and sits back down to eat.

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