131 Planting party

The next day amongst getting things ready for the planting party . A red corvette comes up the drive. Steve looks and rolls his eyes, he can guess who has arrived. No other than Cody  Smith the military psychiatrist. He figured that Astila was going to get someone who he knew but he had hoped it wouldn't be miss snooty pants. With a heavy sigh he goes to greet her. The car comes to a halt and this tall leggy bombshell of a blonde gets out. High heels do not do well on frozen ground. He grabs her just as she is about to hit the ground. She looks up and to her surprise it's not Astila she is looking at. Straightening herself up quickly.  She greets him. 

"Why commander what are you doing here? I thought I was coming to Astila's home ." He smirks and thinks to himself I bet you did. 

" This is my family home, my niece owns it now though. Welcome , let me grab your bag." 

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