132 Planting party2

After the trees were planted everyone moved back into the house. Cody noticed Jonathan watching Remi and Aisling closely. Thinking maybe he had a thing for Aisling she walks over to him for a chat. 

"So what do you think of such a ridiculous tradition?" Jonathan looks at her with a dull expression. 

"I think it's cute and endearing that they want to cherish such milestones. I don't think that we have been introduced ?" He looks at her and finds her to be someone who is unappealing. Wondering why she is here among such a warm caring family. He goes to walk away and she stops him. 

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"I'm Cody by the way . I just arrived today I'm not a member of this craziness." Making it clear to him that she is not family. 

He looks down at her and gives her a look of disdain before telling her his thoughts. 

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