50 Onacona’s returns

Aisling is snuggled beside Astila that night when she hears someone calling her name. As if in a dream she gets up from bed. Walking to the balcony she sees Onacona at the edge of the woods where the entrance to his property is. She turns and heads down to see him. Following him into the woods they come to stop where his cabin once stood. He motions her to come. Sitting on the ground in front of the cabins fire place he points to an area just past the lake. She goes to stand he shakes his head no. Sitting next to her he takes her hand . He begins to chant she doesn't know the words but somehow she knows what he is saying. He is calling her ancestors to come to meet her. Why she does not know. Looking in the direction that he pointed she sees a woman appear. It is her great grandmother and her great great grandmother. She knows because of the very few photos they have. Behind her comes a dressed in buckskin pants and has long hair tied with leather and feathers. He is carrying what looks like a wand or club made from an antler. It's wrapped with leather and feathers. Matching those in his hair . They come and sit in front of us they each have something for me. The man hands me a small bag he tells me that inside is a powerful stone it is to powerful to touch. He said that it needs to be kept wrapped in seven layers of cloth or buckskin. That when I go to the home land that I am to return it to the earth of a tree struck by lightning and survived. I bow my head to him and hold out my hand to receive the bundle. My great grandmother gives me a clear crystal . She tells me to keep it close to me it holds memories of the past. My great great grandmother looks at her brother lovingly. She tells him thank you for staying close to my children and keeping them safe. She hands him a turquoise stone and a black stone with a charred piece of wood. The four hold their hands over the stones and begin to chant a bright light comes from the center of their hands . When finished Onacona hands Aisling a pendent . This pendent is a circle of the charred wood. Inside the wooden circle is the stones melted together. With a seven pointed clear star in the center. The four of them stand and face Aisling . First is E-qua Wa-ya steps forward closer to her.

" you my child are the bridge between the new and the old. Stay pure of heart and the great spirit will always be strong in you. "

He turns to go stand at the edge of the woods. Then Aisling's great gran steps forward.

"Oh my darling girl you have grown so much since I last saw you. Out of all the big brood you were the only one with the gifts and yearning. Your my beautiful little copper top." Aisling begins to cry she has missed her gran so much. The onacona and her great great gran step forward.

" I am sorry I never got to meet you. For you have grown up so strong and well. I remember the day you were born though. A great cry came up. Such agony was in that cry. That the great spirit knew you were special . Our spirits were in the room the day you were born. Called for by my child. Only my brothers spirit stayed behind. He asked the great spirit to stay close to you till he was no longer needed. Now that you have the sacred stones and wood . As well as your chosen husband. You can thank him he was keeping an eye out for you. We can go . When you need guidance hold the stones and ask and your answer will come quickly. " she takes her daughters hand and waits for her brother.

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" my little dove I have stayed by your side since you were born. I will always be ready and willing to come to your side when needed. For now I go to rest and enjoy the after life. Thank you for purifying my home and restoring it. Thank you for returning me to the Earth. Enjoy your life and don't be sad about not seeing me anymore. I will still be here just not seen. You are an amazing girl with an amazing gift. Use it wisely and don't stray off the path. For now go back to sleep for you have a great journey ahead." When he finished the four of them walked into the forest and Aisling was in bed beside Astila. She wondered if she had dreamed it . She slips out of bed and goes to the bathroom. The hem of her night dress is wet. Around her neck is a pendant on a leather strap. The pendant was the same as the one the elders just gave her. Going back to the room she looks for the other two items they gave her there under her pillow were the pouch and clear crystal. It wasn't a dream . They really visited her. Aisling lays back down holding the precious gifts they gave her. Thanking them for their care.

When Astila woke up in the morning he noticed the objects Aisling was holding in her hands while she slept. Wondering where she got them from. He decides to let her sleep since she was restless during the night. So he goes down to make her breakfast before heading out for his official interview for the job at the university hospital.

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