38 Night out on the town

Salali and Aisling decided that they were going to take Debra out for a girl's night. Salali has a very different reason she wants to see Aisling let go and have real fun. Debra told her stories of how her sister lives to party and she wants to see it first hand.

After taking the commander and He Jin to the airport. The girls get home to get ready. Sam pulls Astila aside to talk to him.

"You may want to go with them. Aisling attracts a lot of attention when she goes out. Not all of it is good. The last time we had to go pick her up at the station. A guy came onto her to strong and she broke a bottle over his head cutting his face pretty bad. The cops let her go without charging her with anything because there were plenty of witnesses telling them the same story. The guy was drunk and grabbed her breast and tried to force himself on her. I will get Debra to convince her to take you along or you can just show up." With that, he goes to recruit John and Inola to help him babysit. Astila looks at the girl's excitement at a night out. Deciding that he will just show up so that they can still have their fun.

Aisling looks in the mirror at her reflection. Wondering if she is dressed ok. She has a black leather mini skirt on with tall black leather boots with four-inch heels. Her blouse is a deep cut emerald lace that shows off her huge breast to perfection. Her long hair is curled around her face and down her back. Her make up is done to the minimum since she doesn't wear it normally. She doesn't want to overdo it. Going to check on the other two girls she meets Astila in the hall.

Astila stares at Aisling he has never seen her dressed like this. She looks incredible but also somewhat slutty. He feels himself getting aroused just looking at her. If this is how she looks when she goes out no wonder she gets the wrong kind of attention. Not wanting to hurt her feelings or sound controlling he just leans against the wall blocking her way.

" hmmm, are you really going to go out without me dressed like that?" He looks at her it hiding his desire or annoyance. She smiles at him and walks close.

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?" Looking into his eyes hers are bright with excitement.

"Nothing I'm just worried that you are too sexy for a girl's night out." He starts to lean down to kiss her when Debra comes out.

" oh, I see you decided to be low key tonight. Wow, you look great ." She sees the look on Astila's face and giggles.

"What do you mean low key! How do you normally dress?" This time you can hear the surprise with a hint of jealousy.

Debra pulls out a picture from her purse. There is his Aisling in a halter top that barely covers her ample breast. He shorts so short and tight that you would think they were painted on. The only thing that was technically cover her was her hair. His entire body stuffing up he is not jealous he feels himself actually getting angry.

"Why may I ask are you dressed like a hooker?" He bellows so loud that in a matter of seconds the hallway is full of everyone in the house except the babies.

Aisling puts her hands on hire hips. And glares at him.

" I was not and am not dressed like a hooker! All of the important parts were covered. Those clothes are like everyone else's. It just a pair of shorts and a halter top. You see people wear them everywhere!" Her whole body is shaking in anger how dare he tells her what to wear. Pushing past him she stomps down the steps. Slamming the front door as if to signal to the two ladies let's go.

Debra pats him on the arm as she passes. His sister just shakes her head as she passes him. Looking at Sam he looked bewildered and a little confused as well.

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"Umm, I think you should definitely wait a few minutes before following her. She gets testy when someone tells her what to wear. When she goes out dancing it's the only time she really dresses the way she likes. It's like the only part of her life no one but her has control." Sam lets him know where they will be going. So that he can catch up with them. Astila rushes to get ready to follow them he needs to make sure Aisling is safe. He hears John on the phone.

"Hey, Marshall the girls are going out tonight. Make sure to keep an eye on Aisling. We do not want a repeat of someone coming on to strong. Also, there may be a gentleman coming in to keep an eye on her. He is ok he is hopefully her future husband. At least that is my hope. It will be easy to notice his sister is with Aisling. I will send him in after you call me that they arrived." He hangs up the phone and turns to see Astila.

"I guess you heard. Marshal is Aisling's cousin your going to find that most of the county is related in some way. When I know she going out I always give one of them a heads up so they can help keep an eye on her. When you go tonight don't be alarmed or jealous of everyone she dances with most of them are her family members. That's the only reason we don't give her a hard time on how she dresses. She actually puts the family's feelings first for most everything in her life. It's only this part of her life she truly reserves for herself. It's the only time she only really lets herself be how she wants to be. Enjoy your going to be very surprised. " with that he waves the younger man off to watch his girl truly let her hair down.

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