40 Night out 3

Astila pulls her tightly into his arms so they dance to the slow song playing. Whispering in her ear.

"I'm sorry for trying to control you earlier. I just have only seen you in day dresses and jeans. I wasn't expecting a vixen to come out tonight. I'm very jealous tonight that every man in the room has had their eyes on you. If your cousin Marshal had not told me about the musician. Or the guy you were dancing with earlier. I would be arrested right now for killing someone. Where did you learn to dance? You are so provocative it drives me crazy. " he kisses her ear and pulls her closer to him. To show her that he is aroused.

"Oh I'm sorry but this is me when I'm in the mood to party. I don't drink I just like to laugh and dance. I learned to dance in my living room. I watched my mom dance. We used to dance around the house as we did our chores. I don't try to make anyone feel uncomfortable I just go with the flow of the music." She kisses the skin at the opening of his shirt. Liking this closeness. Likening the feel of his skin under her lips. Taking her mouth with his he gives her a passionate kiss there in front of everyone. Not caring that they are making out in front of about two hundred people. They are lost in each other. Astila moves her slightly away from him.he looks into her eyes. He sees that he has ignited her passion. The song ended and he takes her by the hand and escorted her back to the table. Randy stands up and puts his hand out to Astila. Astila takes it and introduces himself.

"I'm Aisling's boyfriend Astila. "

"I'm Aisling's long time friend Randy. It's nice to meet you. I know you must be a little shocked at our little angel here. The difference in her personality between when she is with her family and when she is not is quite a shock. I hope you are not going to stifle her as her family does. She is the life of the party and the person who gets everyone in the party mood. Except when they are around. If your going to try to do that to her then there is the door. She can see you when she gets home." With that Randy takes Salali by the hand and takes her to dance. The two sat at the table Aisling not sure what she wants to say. She is half afraid to say anything wondering if he is angry or thinks bad of her.

"To start I'm not angry with you. I'm a little surprised that you are so animated and outgoing when your out like this. Only because I have only seen you surrounded by the elders. You are very timid when around them. I will admit I am jealous of any other man touching you in any way but that is because I do not know who they are. You can dance to your heart's content as long as no one touches you. Which means you can only slow dance with me. I want you to be who you are at all times with me. I don't want you to pretend with me. Now about your clothes, I was extremely turned on by both your clothes and how you dance. So don't be surprised if I grumble a little out of jealousy over knowing that other men will find you as gorgeous as I do." He takes her hand and pulls her out of her seat and into his lap. Kissing her soundly to make his point. His heart was overjoyed when she not only kissed him back but deepened the kiss.

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"I completely understand I was extremely upset when I saw Sasha come over to talk to you. She likes to sleep with strangers. Especially handsome ones." Aisling kisses him again before standing up. One of her favorite songs is on and it's almost time for Randy to get back up on stage. They get back up to dance. The rest of the night Astila watched her laugh and play with her friends. She was like a completely different person. As he was watching her he realized that she is exactly as he would want her to be a balance between knowing to take care of her responsibility and showing those around her great respect. Then also have the ability to let her hair down and have fun. She is passionate about him not leaving him any doubt about whether she is attracted to him or not. He was so enthralled with the woman he is deeply falling in love with that he never noticed his sister was getting very chummy with Randy. Looks like the Fates has a few surprises in store for his family.

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