39 Night on the town 2

Aisling introduces Salali to her cousin Marshal and his twin Alex. They got their drinks and headed to the table next to the stage. The band tonight is one of Aisling's favorites. Her friend Randy is in it. It a guaranteed fun night. She is greeted by people every few steps they take. Salali is surprised that Aisling is so outgoing compared with how she is with her family. She is extremely bubbly and is not guarded at all. Salali looks at Debra.

"Why is she not like this all the time?" Debra seemed fazed by her sister.

"The elders get on to her for being too flirty and begging for love if she is too friendly when they are around. When she was little when she would be affectionate mom would scold her for acting like she is starved for love. Like advertising to people that they don't love her enough. So she is reserved and low key around them. She only lets herself be herself when she is out like this. I feel it's unfair because everyone else can be who they want but she has to only let part of her personality show without criticism. " Debra goes to get another beer. Salali watches Aisling as an extremely good looking Asian guy comes over and gives her a very tight hug and kiss on the cheek. She takes him by the hand and heads towards Salali.

"This is my friend Randy. He is the keyboard player and vocalist. This is my friend Salali she is visiting for a few more days."Aisling grabs a bottle of water while Randy gives her another hug before he heads up on stage to start the soundcheck. Salali looks at her with trying to come to terms with this new side of her. Her eyes are shining and she hasn't stopped smiling since walking in the door. She notices that her brother is watching from an area by the bar. He is not happy that Randy was touching Aisling. Her cousin Marshal greets him and hands him a beer.

"Don't worry about Randy they are just really good friends. When he is here he keeps other guys away from her. I'm Marshal by the way. By the look on your face, you must be the boyfriend that Uncle John mentioned." He puts his hand out to shake Astila's hand. After Marshal went to take care of a customer and cute blond came over to get Astila's attention. He looks at her and says a polite hello. Debra sees who is trying to get close to him and goes to save him.

"That's enough Sasha he belongs to Aisling. He is way out of your league. So why don't you go find your husband and see if he will give you some attention."

"Seriously he can't be Aisling's she is too uptight to ever catch anyone's real attention. I mean look at all the sheep who are content with just a good time dancing with her. They all know she is frigid. That they will never get anywhere with her. Randy is the only one who even comes close and she still freezes him out ." Looking at Astila Sasha gives him a sexy smile.

"Let me know when she leaves you hanging. I'm more than willing to make sure you're satisfied." Waving bye at them she walks over to a table in the corner where a burly man is slumped over the table.

"What was that about? Who is she that thinks that a married woman should do or say something like that?" Astila knows there is more to the story than what anyone is letting on.

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"Oh, Sasha they were best friends until high school. Then Sasha's brother beat the crap out of Aisling because he wanted to you know. Aisling refused and tried to get away from him. He flew mad and started to beat her. A few of the cousins came upon him before he could do anything other than hit her a few times. They almost killed him. He then went around telling everyone that she was a cock tease and frigid. That's when the elders started telling her how to behave and dress. They also made remarks like if you didn't act so starved for love people wouldn't think you were that way. So she repressed a lot of her personality and only lets herself be herself here. Where for the most part she is safe. Your in for a big surprise. Hopefully, she won't suppress her personality tonight once she knows yours here. " Debra waves at Marshal and tells him to make sure that he gets the family discount. He nods ok and brings him another beer. The band gets started and Aisling is on her feet. Her hips are gyrating to the beat. The flow to the music almost like she is making love to it. She moves as he has never seen before. She moves like a pole dancer. What is he supposed to do when the woman he loves is dancing so provocatively. She is in perfect rhythm with the music. A guy came up and they started to dance close Marshal noticed his face and comes over.

"Don't worry about him they have been best friends since before elementary school. They are more like siblings just not by blood. If you watch close he actually never touches her. He would hurt anyone who would hurt her. She loves having a good time. She just doesn't get the chance very often. "

Astila watches her have fun for a while. He then decides its time that she spends time in his arms. He walks over towards her when this greasy looking guy comes over.

"Hey, Aisling when are you going to dance with me?" his voice is slurred you can tell he has had a way to much to drink.

"Never Dean you know that I will never dance with you. That I don't even like talking to you let alone allow you within two feet of me." She goes to sit down as the band is coming off stage for their break. The Dj starts with a slow song. Dean goes to reach for Aisling but Astila gets there first.

"Sorry for being a late sweetheart." He makes a point of pulling her into his arms leaving no space for the other guy to even think of touching her. Randy comes over to save Aisling but noticed there is no need so he goes and sits beside Salali to watch the show. Everyone knows Dean takes every chance he can to make Aisling uncomfortable.

"Just who you might be? I have never seen you before." He slurred trying to knock him out of the way to get to her.

Astila blocks his way.

"I'm actually her fiancé and your intentions are not welcome. So you need to have someone take you home to sleep it off." Astila gives Aisling an annoyed look. His voice grating out angrily. Letting her know they will be having a very serious talk later. She gives him a sheepish look of submission.

The bouncer walks over and grabs Dean.

"How many times do we have to tell you to leave Aisling alone. Do we need to call the police tonight?" Dean looks at them and walks away.

"He only gets that way when he drinks. He isn't brave enough to even speak to her when he is sober. I'm Alex, by the way, I'm her cousin." He excuses himself and tells them to enjoy the rest of their night

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