126 New year's eve

It's New years eve, and no one is really in the mood to celebrate. Moll looks at everyone's long faces she knows they are all worried about the situation with Remi. She sneaks out to the balcony to make a call. 

"Audis I know we always ask to break the rules but can we please break a few more tonight. No one really wants to celebrate tonight because of Remi. Do you think we can use the cafeteria tonight and have a New Year's Eve party for the patients? " holding her breath hoping he will say yes. 

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"That is a really good idea. Let me get in touch with the foodservice team. Give me about an hour and I will get back to you." he hangs up and calls the hospital chef to come to his office. While he is getting things ready on his end Moll goes to gather everyone. 

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