81 New beginning

Astila is awakened by a loud cry sitting up in the bed looking around. Sharp pain in his head blinds him. Holding his head he curled up on the bed in agonizing pain. When the pain subsides he is on the mountain ridge. This time a beautiful woman is standing with the shaman. She bows to him in acknowledgment. He returns her bow.

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"Do not be alarmed. I have come with Uktena this time to introduce myself. I am Morrigan the Goddess of Death. Don't be afraid your not dying. I have come to talk to you about a decision that has been made. You see Aisling has decided that she wants to remember your previous journey and keep her gifts. You as the other person must decide if you agree?" She takes Uktena hand and they place their other hand out toward Astila. With this action, he begins to remember his past with Aisling. He gets frantic when he remembers her unconscious in the hospital. Uktena raises his hand to calm him.

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