34 New arrival

They rush Debra to the hospital. Astila drives as Aisling and Sam care for Debra. The lights if a police car flash in the mirror as they are heading to the hospital. Astila pulls over. Luckily it is Sams brother that is the officer . Turning on the siren he escorts them to the hospital. Calling dispatch to inform them he will be at the hospital that his brothers baby is on the way. They inform the hospital that she on the way. By the time Debra gets to the hospital the Dr is already waiting for her they go straight to the maternity ward while Aisling checks her in. The rest of the family arrive within minutes. Quickly filling the waiting room. The Dr informs them that Debra is already dilated and that if all goes well the baby will arrive shortly. He asks who is going in with her to the delivery room. Aisling ,Sam and Sam's mom follow the Dr. While the others wait they get frowned and ready to see Debra. She already looks worn out. Aisling looked at the nurse.

"Is she ok? She looks so tired all of a sudden." Outing her hand on her forehead she smiles at Debra encouraging her.

"Her pressure is up and her contractions are very close. She will need to start pushing soon. " the fact that her pressure is up worried Aisling. Debra hits a contraction and almost completely sits up with it. She tells the nurse she needs to push. The nurse checks her and tells her not yet. The nurse hits the page button to tell them to get the Dr . Another contraction hit before he can get there this time Debra pushes and the head starts to come . The Dr arrives and tells Debra to give a hard push with the next contraction. It only takes four more pushes and the baby is here. To their surprise just as the Dr was handing the baby off to the nurse to clean up. Debra has another big contraction. He pushes and another head crowns. Aisling looks at the Dr. in great surprise. The Dr yells to the nurse t get another bed ready. This time Debra pushes and her second child was born . She had twins.

Sam was in shock all the appointments they only heard one heartbeat. Debra had a near perfect pregnancy so they only had one sonogram early on. The baby was very tiny compared to her sister. The. Dr. Congratulates the new parents and finishes taking care of Debra. Once everyone is cleaned up and able to be held Aisling takes the tiny baby in her arms. Tears of shear happiness begin to trail down her face. They hear a knock on the door. It's the nurse letting them know the rest of the family is wanting to see them. Asking if it's ok to take them to the nursery window.

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As the nurse take the babies out to the nursery Debra closes her eyes to sleep. Sam goes out to greet the rest of the family. Aisling stays with her sister holding her hand. In the light trailing into the window Aisling sees Maureen . Looking at her in surprise she touches the locket .

"No worries my child I just came to bring a blessing to the wee ones. They are going to be strong and healthy. Even though the small one will have a tough road at times they will be strong and happy. " Aisling smiles at her

"We were only expecting one but got two . All of the tests only showed one." Aisling told her.

" ah well here are times we get small blessings we don't expect. Here let me show you." Reaching out her hand for Aisling's. She takes it and they are in a meadow not someplace she knows.

"Where are we?"

"We are in Onacona's village in Tennessee. You see the reason he could not be away from his sister is because they were twins. I am a twin as well. You see those two over there they are Onacona and Daisy. Now if you look there . That is me with Ida back in Ireland. I'm showing you this because. You seemed concerned over them only hearing one heartbeat. When twins are totally in tune with one another they are like one. Their hearts beat as one. It's a bond that can never be broken. Those two have such a bond. They will always be together. Your children will be the same. So do not fret Debra will be fine and our little Tanis and Daisy will be wonderful little handfuls. " with that she wonders away. Aisling looks up and Astila is there . Bending down he kisses her forehead.

"I'm heading back to the house visiting hours are over. Are you staying or coming home?" He whispers hoping not to wake Debra.

"Sis you go home there is only one cot for Sam you won't have a place to sleep. We will be fine. Are the babies still in the nursery?" Debra sits up to take a sip of water.

" you know we have to go buy double now I only prepared for one baby." She looks at Aisling her face glowing with happiness.

" well we did prepare two nurseries one at my house and one at yours. We can just move the one from my house to yours. I can just set up a new nursery later when it's needed. We still have the old cradles in the attic they will be fine for awhile. I will go home and after some rest I will take care of it. You rest if you need anything you have Sam call me. I'm sure Daisy and Tanis will be little angels for now." Aisling didn't even realize that she used the names that Maureen had used. Debra looks at her sister in surprise.

" I never told you what I wanted to name the baby I wanted to keep it to myself . I was going to name her Tanis Daisy but now there are two so what do you think of Tanis Rose and Daisy Elizabeth. " Debra looks slightly confused but excited as well.

"I love them they are perfect for them,but which is going to be which?" Aisling smiles at her.

"The first born our little chunk will be Tanis and our little surprise will be Daisy ." Sam walks in just as Debra explains the baby names and grins at his wife .

"So you decided that you will split the name between the two I love it and I love you." He bends down and kisses his wife deeply . The Dr walks in and clears his throat

"That's what got us here so let's cool it for at least six weeks shall we. I came by to tell you that the twins are doing fine . The little surprise is under weight so if you don't have enough milk to nurse you may want to let them both nurse for a little bit and then supplement with formula. " he has us leave so he can give Debra a check up . Taking this opportunity to peek at the babies and say goodbye to Sam . Aisling and Astila head home.

Aisling tells Astila about Maureen and how she visited her just before he came to the room.

" see Onacona told you they would always be close .

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