18 Midnight stroll

The full moon shinning into Aisling's room makes it to bright to sleep . Aisling gets up and goes down to the kitchen to get a cup of camomile tea. Walking barefoot so not make any noise. She walks slowly as to not wake anyone up. In the kitchen she puts the pot on and sits at the table waiting for the water. As she waits Astila comes into the kitchen.

" I thought I heard someone moving about." Sitting at the table beside her. Taking her hand in his. Bringing her wrist to his mouth . Gently kissing the inside of her wrist at her pulse point. Feeling her heart beat against his mouth he closes his eyes at the feel of her skin next to his . Inhaling her scent she used lavender when she showered earlier it's intoxicating to him. He wants to pull her into his arms but refrains not wanting to go to fast for her.

Aisling horsey asks him

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" why are you up?" I'm sorry if I woke you." She closes her eyes and lays her head on his shoulder.

" I was hoping to get to talk to you but every time I tried you were with someone else. I want to know that you will be ok here with my family. I have to go to work tomorrow. I will be leaving in a few hours and don't know when I will get back. I may have to stay in the city. If I do I will call you immediately. I am going to miss you. I have only known you for a little over a week . I feel as though I have known you forever. I took the time off when Daniel was out loose. Since I only had that short time I asked for my family come. They can help you understand why you do what you do. What it means at least what it means in our culture. " Astila kisses her on top of her head . She turns her head up to look at him. He gives her a quick kiss on the top of her nose.

" how about we go out for a stroll. The moon is bright enough that we don't need any light. " she nods in agreement. They turn off the water and go outside. Astila takes Aisling by the hand and they begin to walk through the yard. When they get close to the overgrown area she hesitates. He turns to her.

" what is it?" He really wants her to tell him why she is afraid of this area.

" I used to love walking by here . Onacona would walk beside me and talk to me. About five years ago he started not coming except when danger was close. Like something was keeping him away. Ever since then I can't shake this feeling that something evil has happened . That he is keeping it contained somehow in there. But it's flowing out now . I know I sound crazy it's just that he looks tired and doesn't talk to me only just points and watches now. Before you tell me I'm crazy that I really can't talk to a dead medicine man . I always felt comforted and safe when I would see him now I get scared. " she is staring at the edge of the woods.

" I don't think your crazy I have seen him and he is the one who helped me find Daniel. He was on the porch the day I arrived. He kept telling me that I could not leave. That's why I was so willing to stay." He hugs her close.

" my uncle will be able to help you . If Onacona will let him. He maybe able to find out what happened five years ago that caused the shift in the spirits. "

She hugs him back raising her face for a kiss. Hoping he won't make her ask. Sensing her desire he lowers his head and begins to kiss her. Lifting her into his arms sitting on the ground. With her straddling his lap he deepened the kiss . Feeling her bare skin against him he instantly gets hard. She rubs herself against his hardness as his hands gently squeeze her breast . They are much bigger than you would notice with how her clothes fit her. Dipping her nightgown down to expose her breast taking the tip in his mouth he gently sucks one as he massages her other one. Aisling moans with desire wanting more of him. She has never wanted anyone before. Running her fingers through his long hair she pulls it slightly to pull his mouth back to hers.

"Aisling we need to stop or I won't be able to. I want you to much. I have never wanted anyone so much. " he tries to calm himself but Aisling shifts on his lap so that she presses herself harder against him feeling his hardness she takes his mouth this time. Her tongue finding his . His hand slips between her legs . His fingers finding her moist heat. She is so wet he knows she is ready. He takes his hand away she whimpers at the loss of his hand on her. He chuckled in her ear . Opening his pants he releases himself taking her hand and placing it on his hard manhood. She strokes it as his hand finds her moist heat again.

" please we have to stop . Onacona has come. I don't know why he looks angry. " she tells him. He turns to see the spirit standing at the edge of the woods. He hears him say.

" take her away from this place. It needs cleansed . There are vengeful spirits here. I cannot contain them much longer. " the spirit turns to walk back into the woods.

" what did he say? Why can I not understand him anymore?" She asks him their desire has completely cooled by his appearance.

" he says there is a vengeful spirit. That you are in danger. That he wants me to take you from here that the area needs cleansed . He says he is not able to contain it much longer. " looking at her he asks her

" will you come with me to the city tomorrow? Let my uncle and sister check out the area and see if they can find out what he is trying to contain here. I will make sure they have your phone number to call you. " he wants to make the spirit happy but is not sure she will leave.

" I will let them investigate the area but I will not leave. My family comes here everyday I cannot let them walk into any danger. I will stay and help onacona and your family anyway I can. This is my home and my responsibility to protect it. He is the one who showed me what plants to cultivate and which ones not to touch. He is why I know what I know." When she looks up at him her eyes are shimmering in the moonlight. Filled with tears ready to spill.

" I have to go tomorrow but I will come back no matter how late . " he kisses her forehead as they reach the door. When they walk into the kitchen there sitting at the table is everyone. Everyone in the house is awake.

" son if you want to take my niece out at midnight next time make sure everyone is asleep. " the commander looks at him with a half smirk. Aisling turns beet red with embarrassment.

He Jin starts laughing

" don't worry baby girl none of us saw anything but you two cuddling each other. Nothing to much I promise. We just now got up ."

Astila uncle looks at them he saw the spirit at the end of the woods.

"Commander I would like permission to go into the woods that your aunt spoke about. I would like to try to cleanse the area and bring peace to the land . This way the spirit can finally rest. My niece and I are more than able to do this . It will bring peace to Aisling as well. My only request is that anyone who will cast doubt on our abilities stay away also Debra and her husband cannot visit till it's complete. If they are here it can be harmful to their unborn child. We basically need to perform an exorcism of the land. Not because of the medicine man. There is a more recent spirit that is tainted with evil. The two spirits that have been here for generations have been here protecting the family. Both are spiritual healers . Both are of your blood on from a far off place the other is the medicine man from your aunts story. They are why Aisling is how she is. She is sensitive to the spirits. So they have guided her. They are the ones who guided Astila here and why he asked us to come." Hearing the sincerity of his request the Commander agrees.

" you may do what you need to do under one condition. That if there is any danger to my little girl there Astila will take her from here immediately. I will make sure that the family except my brother John will stay away. As you know he is a true man of God he will be able to pray and give you strength. " the commander looks at Astila and takes his hand .

" when you first were stationed in my unit you saved her from a snake . She watched my grandfather handle snakes in church and became brave about trying to catch them. Though here very few snakes are poisonous. In Texas many of them are poisonous. The day you saved her I was in you debt for a lifetime. I am asking you to protect her again. " his hand was trembling as he continued to hold onto Astila. Astila did not know what to think. This was the girl he saved from the snakes at the picnic. Looking at her he gets a big smile on his face. Letting go of the commander's hand he wrapped his arms around Aisling. Looking at her face intently.

" I cannot believe you are that little girl. Right after I moved you away from the snakes you disappeared. I don't know why I didn't recognize you. We are truly fated to be together." Not caring that there's a room full of people Astila kisses her.

" ok I think it's time for everyone to get ready for bed. Astila needs to go to work in the morning. If you need anything Anola let me know. " the commander takes his wife's hand and they make their way upstairs.

" Aisling I am going to need a sweat lodge and a source of running water . " uncle Anola tells her.

" the waterfall at the creek should be ok and you can have my uncle take you to the hardware store to get what you need just take my bank card to pay for it." Aisling tells him before she heads upstairs. It has been a interesting night to say the least. Though she is disappointed she may not get to see Astila before he goes to work.

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