57 Lynx secrets

Aisling got out of the shower she smells sweetgrass burning. She wonders if Astila is smudging the house . Getting dressed she wonders what she will find out today. Not even realizing that it is going to be Halloween in three days. Her phone rings it's Debra asking if she will help her take the twins around to the family trick or treating. Sam will stay to pass out candy. For some reason she gets a weird feeling about this year. She tells her she will get back to her. That she isn't feeling up to doing Halloween this year. Debra says ok and hangs up. It's not like Aisling to not want to do a holiday especially Halloween. She wonders if she is getting sick.

Aisling goes down stairs to see Astila fixing breakfast.

"Who was on the phone?" He hands her a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. Looking at her wondering what she is thinking about.

"Debra called and asked if I would go with her to help trick or treating. I told her I would need to get back to her. It's three days from now and for some reason I do not want to have anyone here or go anywhere. Maybe we should pull the gates at the end of the drive so that no one can enter the property unless they have a key. I'm really worried that Jay will come back. " she looks around the kitchen it seems different today.

"Did you burn sweet grass this morning?" Getting up to clear the dishes. Astila comes up behind her and puts his arms around her waist.

"No we had a visitor this morning. Her name was Moll. She was the first owner of this property. Apparently she banished a great evil. Everyone seems connected but not connected. They both were very adamant about Chris's assistant Jay not be allowed here. So I will make a few calls and make sure he is not going to get the chance. I also think it will be good to make sure the gates stay locked. Moll also told me to go on a spirit walk starting today at noon. So I will give John a call to keep close watch on you and the house. Maybe he can even stay here. She also said you will find a new room and enter it for three undisturbed days. It will be in three days Halloween. I think that is everything we need to prepare for the next few days. I will call John and you have some reading to do ." With that he kisses her deeply leaving her breathless before heading outside to make arrangements for the up coming days. Aisling looks down at the book wondering what has her ancestors gotten her into. Opening it she begins to read. The first chapter is a tree filled with names. She looks for Maureen name then for the woman Astila mentioned at breakfast. Both names are there Moll was born around thirty years before Maureen. Looking further down she sees the last entry was her Aunt Caroline who was born after her grandfather passed. When she turns the page it's the history of those with the gift in her family. It states that a set of twins were born to Colleen Hawkins one was still born. The one female one male . The female was born alive but she cried constantly till they placed the dead baby with her. When they placed the two together the dead baby began to cry. The two became inseparable. They could not be apart for more than a few minutes or they cried until they were back together. The girl babe was call Willow Grace she had a soft gentle nature . The boy was John Andrew he was mean and harsh. Many thought it was because of his birth. As the twins grew the boy became very secretive and cruel. Willow grace seemed to become a mere shadow as if John was draining her very life away. One night when the twins were soon to be teens the parents moved them to separate rooms. It's said that when they woke the next morning John was dead his body completely shriveled as if he had been dead for years. Willow was fully recovered but completely devastated to have lost her brother. She grew withdrawn and quiet. She married but never would take her husbands name. She had three children all girls out of the girls one was born blind. Even though she was blind she could choose colors without ever seeing them before. She knew people even if never introduced to them. Her mother believed that she had the gift of communication with the spirits and that the spirit of her dead brother was with her. The girl grew up to Marry a clergyman. She had two daughters one of which was Moll . Moll was the mother of Aisling Dawn. Moll had been accused of practicing witchcraft by her father and later by her husband . Moll disappears from her cell right before execution for practicing witchcraft . Leaving behind an infant Aisling Dawn . Aisling Dawn was Maureen mother. Maureen fled Ireland when she came under suspicion of witchcraft. The witch hunter believed that she inherited her power from her grandmother and mother. She fled to England where she met her husband. He was a man easily swayed. He was from a rich family and had taken quite a fancy to her. They became involved with the occult. Her husband was burned as a witch . When the trials were heating up in England she took her family name back and fled to America . To make a life for her son and her husbands brothers came with her. Upon arriving in America she wanted a quiet life. They traveled from New York down the east coast . Where she was drawn to the mountains of a small town in Virginia. There she came upon a strange house that she was able to buy cheaply. Aisling looks at the book the next page has the title Moll. She guesses the first pages was to explain who the ancestors are. She goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Looking at the clock she sees it's close to noon. She will need to see Astila before he goes to the sweat lodge. Going out to take the path to the creek. She notices an eagle sitting on the roof of the house. Looking at it she tells him. You led him to me so you better not lead him away just stay and protect him. Walking to the creek she sees he is already starting the ritual to start his spirit walk. Not wanting to disturb him she just sits at the edge of the clearing watching him. She hears the call of the eagle over head .It comes to perch on top of the sweat lodge. Astila notices and nods to the eagle.

Astila knows Aisling is getting anxious with the new developments. He goes over to her.

" John will be here after his meetings today. He will stay with you till I'm done. Hopefully it will be a short walk. Did you find anything out?" He sits by her knowing that he cannot touch her right now. She smiles at him and stands up.

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" I found out that Moll is Maureen's grandmother and she disappeared before being executed for being a witch. I also found out that Maureen husband was burn for being a witch and they were involved in the occult. Also one of my ancestors was still born and his twin cried till he was placed beside her. He lived until close to adulthood. The parents separated them when they became to old to be in the same room. He died the first night they were separated. His body was shriveled up like he had been dead for years. While he was alive it said he was cruel and secretive. It also said that the sister was like a shadow of a person until he died. That she became healthy. And that was just in the first few pages where the family tree was. " Astila looks at her his heart aching at seeing her upset over what she is finding out. He hopes that his spirit walk will give him some answers .

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