53 Little talk with the elders

The conversation that Astila had with Sam bothered him most of the night. The next morning he gives John a call. They agree to meet at the church since John has meetings there. Astila arrives at the church. It has a beautiful view of the river and surrounding mountain. Astila can feel the energy from this place. It has a peaceful but strong spiritual presence here. He is standing at the edge of the parking lot with his eyes closed just absorbing the tranquility when John approaches.

"Astila good morning,thank you for meeting me here. You sounded troubled on the phone. " he shakes his hand .

"What is bothering you son. Do you want to sit out here or go to my office?" Astila wants to stay outside.

"Do you mind if we stay out here. It is so peaceful and the view is amazing." John nods and motions for him to follow him. He takes him to the side of the building there is a bench that they can sit on. John waits for the young man to talk.

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"John I hope you do not get offended or think me forward. I need to ask for clarification of a few things. " John figured this talk was going to happen sooner or later.

"I don't understand why everyone is starting to be resentful of Aisling . I don't know if she has noticed it or not but I have. Sam even said something to me yesterday. Can you explain to me the history of the house and why that may be ?" John hears the frustration and sadness in the young mans voice he knows what is the problem.

"Well you know it was built not long before the revolution. It has been a military headquarters, field hospital, saloon, bed and breakfast and lastly our family home. When our family first moved here there were only a handful of other families living here. Daisy's husband bought the whole track after coming back from a big paying hunt. He wanted to have a place where his family could a live together. Onacona bought the thirty acres off to the side where the lake is from him. He would not let him just give it to him. Then later they got it back. It's said that if you do the measurements of the property and the house . The house sits dead center of the four directions . It's is also rumored that a witch laid it out for the family that originally had it built. It's said that the house will pick its owner not the other way. It's also said that the house will only reveal its secrets to those it chooses. Every owner of that house has had a connection to the spiritual. We have been told that the house when it has chosen it's owner that the person will not want to leave it. It has always been that way . When my mother was young all of the others left and could not have cared if they came back or not. My sister never had an inclination to leave. When she married they got a house close by. She would visit everyday. She took care of my parents. When they became ill she packed up the kids and her husband and moved back home. They struggled to keep the house going with my parents bills and such. So Aisling started babysitting and cleaning houses after school to feed everyone. Then when my sister was killed in an accident and their father got sick she just continued to do what was needed. You know all of the things of value that was in the house since it was built is either in the attic or was in those closets. I was never chosen by the house. Myself and my siblings made a promise to my sister. That was to protect Aisling. You know the story of her birth. What you don't know is that my sister didn't want her. She wanted a son . When she found out that she was pregnant after a night of partying she was upset. It was like she knew she wasn't a boy. She always felt because of her not wanting her is why she was born the way she was. There are some in our family that are greedy and don't always have the best intentions. Debra loves her sister but always felt that she was better than Aisling because she was my sisters favorite. She maybe feeling jealous now but she will not harm her. Now her brother he will try to snatch everything and make her life miserable till she gives in. You haven't met him yet since he is away on deployment. Him you will need to watch. He will cause her some pain. He won't ask he will demand that she give him his fair share as he sees it. He has more than the others. He is used to the high life . He will expect to be treated like he is a king. Always has had everything given to him . He belittled the girls and expects them to do as he says . He thinks that Debra is stupid despite having a bachelor degree in psychology. He thinks Aisling is his personal servant and not worthy of anything but keeping him in money. I truly think he is expecting her to just hand him everything when he decides it's time. He will never live here he will just want to sell everything and take the money and run. Him and my wife are very similar they think because these things were found on the property that is considered family home. That it belongs to the family. It all is Aisling's. The house chose to share its treasures at this time with her. We will keep them as much as possible in line. Just know that she will be tested to see if she will do what she is meant to do. You know no one knew the closets existed till I found mine. It was something that no one mentioned. Also Daisy bought the house from the family of the man my grandmother married. His mom saw her and invited her over. She said that the house spoke to her and told her that the chosen would come from her. We always thought it was strange. After the events that I have personally experienced I think not. So don't worry it may get rough but the house chose her. It and it's treasures will only be hers." He pays Astila's hand and gets up he knows that this man can protect his niece he just hopes that whatever she is destined for is not dangerous. He can't bare to see her like she was before . His next appointment has arrived and Astila thanks him for his time. He decides to go for a drive and ponder on what John just told him. Praying that it does not mean she is in danger again.

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