84 Little lotus

They get Aisling settled on the small cot with a sheet and pull her gown up her smooth stomach. Yona looks at his sister in law he can definitely see why his brother is smitten with her. The tech puts a warm he'll on her stomach and begins to move it around. He looks at the screen all he sees is black static, like on tv when the channel goes out. She swipes across something else he looks and they hear him go ohh. The tech smiles and goes back to the place he reacted to. There she is their little lotus. It's like there is a cave in her stomach with a small alien in it. The tech turns the monitor's volume on so they can hear the heartbeat. When the three of them hear this they all have tears in their eyes smiling at the beauty of it.

"Wow, your little alien has a strong heartbeat. "Yona says with a sigh. Astila smacks him in the back of the head playfully.

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"How can you call lotus an alien?"

Yona laughs at his brother.

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