112 Little detour

Just before the next drawing. The family has finished eating and were paying. Yona and Aisling split up at this point. Aisling following Salali and Yona followed the kidnapper. They were going into the Wax museum. Following them inside she stays close while trying not to draw their attention. Aisling notices that Salali keeps looking at her. She is worried that her disguise has slipped. Looking at her reflection in a mirror she sees it's still in place. Pretending to take a selfie in front of the Ghostbusters display. While keeping a watchful eye on the family. Yona texts her that the man is going crazy looking for them. He has gone into several stores trying to find them. Right now they are at an outdoor cafe. He figures he is watching for them. She looks up and sees them going to the next floor exhibit. She texts Yona to alert her if the man moves. Also to scout out where the police may be at just in case.

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