111 Little detour

Yona is anxiously waiting for them to answer him. The woman asks him to follow her. Yona follows her to a pool in the cave. There she takes a blue stone and drops it in the pool. It changes to show a small girl who is being beaten . The person is screaming at her that she is a witch and needs to die. Morrigan waves the image away.

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"This girl has a gift but does not know how to control it or use it properly. It keeps manifesting at the wrong times. She needs Aisling to help teach her. Even though Aisling doesn't know her full power or how to do everything the other four can help her. I need you to protect Aisling when she goes to bring this child back to her home with her. This man is angry because the child was not able to predict the outcome of an event. Since she didn't know he lost money. We need Aisling and you to go fetch her and take her to safety. " Yona is curious why can't they do anything for the child.

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