26 Lake of bones 3

It took two days for the crew to clear a pathway to the lake. The FBI had divers in the lake while the land was being cleared. The divers were complaining that the water was just too murky to really see anything. Though they did bring up some interesting things that were in the lake. So it was decided that it indeed was going to be drained starting the next day. The health department came and took samples of the water to send out for exact Analysis. Terry arrives at the lake to give the report from the old jailhouse.

"Sir the two children's bodies have been identified they are two brothers that went missing 5 years ago when they were hiking on the trail with their parents. There were a total of three bodies in the pit. One of which was an infant. We suspect that it may be a family of three that he placed there. Since it was a male-female and child. We have found several matches from the teeth that I found in the tree to the different bodies. The talisman that he carried seemed to be made from his mothers rib. The bodies in the cellar were of two women . We found two missing person reports of three years ago that may be a match. The missing person reports were from Massachusetts. The girls took off to hike the trail from start to finish. When they lost contact with their families they filed a report. Since the last place they received a postcard from them was in Pennsylvania they assumed that something happened there. We have a total of twelve bodies so far. He is still refusing to talk. We haven't been able to find anything out about the first two bodies by the river. They may not be related. " Terry wonders what the man is thinking. Then he sees a few of the things they have pulled up from the lake.

" wow, I remember this. It's a Ducati 916 Emily was the envy of the mountain when she got this bike." He takes a closer look at the bike. The agent looks at him in wondering if the girl he is talking about could have been one of the girls they found.

"This Emily where is she now?" He looks at the sheriff hoping this man is not going to make him work harder because of his slowness.

" she lives just up the road. Her bike was stolen not long after she got it. Her parents just bought her something else. When no leads cane up. " he lifted the seat off and under it Emily was written. Showing the agent that this is indeed Emily's bike.

" I wonder if we bring Aisling in to talk to Daniel if he will talk to her. We can give her a list of questions that need to be answered. Do you think she will do it.?" Terry asked the agent. Since it's now officially their case.

" I was going to ask you the same thing. What kind of relationship did she have with him?" He looks towards the direction of the house.

" she had no real relationship with him. His parents were potheads and Aisling always brought him lunch. Sometimes she would buy him lunch if she didn't have food to share with him. She always brought him clothes and stuff from the cousins when she would notice his were dirty or worn. She would bring him a change of clothes and take his home and wash them then bring them back to him. That is until he snapped her kitten's necks. We were all in the barn after school one day because her cat had kittens we each had one holding them. When Daniel took the one she was holding and snapped its neck. The next morning his family was gone and all of the kittens were dead. We thought they picked up and moved away since Aisling's dad took him home and spoke to his parents about him. They would just up and leave at random times so no one really thought much about it." Terry starts walking towards the house. The agent is right beside him. He needs to get some real evidence against this man to tie him to all of these killings not just that he was there. He has enough for the guy on the trail as well as possibly his parents but all of the others there is no real evidence against him they need a confession. Walking up to the front door of Aisling's house the agent knocks on the screen door. The commander answers and steps out onto the porch.

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" yes, sir can we help with anything?" He looks at the two gentlemen wondering what they have found.

" We need to ask your niece if she will be willing to help us out by talking to Daniel. We think he may be willing to talk to her where he will not talk to anyone else." Terry speaks up knowing the commander he may refuse straight out if he doesn't get asked the proper way.

" That depends on how long is it going to take for you to finish at the lake. She isn't wanting to leave the house until you are completely done there. It's upsetting her that you have found bodies there and is concerned that there could be more. Once you have completed all that you need to do there then she will come out of the house and maybe by then I could convince her. " he looks at them hoping they will agree. He doesn't want to tell them that she is worried about the evil they may be unleashing. That she is actually worried about leaving the house till that land can be cleaned.

The agent knowing that the man standing in front of him is a well respected Lieutenant Commander and actually outranks him. He agrees to come back when they are done.

"Oh, by the way, we will be draining the lake starting tomorrow. We have pools set up and will have trucks coming in before dawn. They say it should only take a few days. " with that the two gentlemen leave and the commander goes inside to let the others know.

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