25 Lake of bones 2

By late afternoon there were workers already clearing away to the lake. Aisling was in the attic watching from the window. She is wondering what Onacona is thinking and feeling about so many people being on his property. Not just on his property but they are tearing out and cutting down trees without thought of anything but opening a pathway for trucks and cars to be able to get to the lake. Her heart aches for him because she can't explain what is happening. She decides to try and contact him. She lights some candles sprinkling salt in the wax . and sits in the center of the room. She begins to chant

"Spirit show yourself, spirit reveal Onacona show yourself that I know you are real. " repeatedly until one candle goes out the room becomes very cold. She hears a crack like thunder. Then silence looking up she sees him sitting across from her. He looks bewildered to her. Tearfully she begins to speak to him.

" Please I need to know that you are not angry about what is happening. They are going to make a pathway to the lake. They are thinking of draining the lake to look for and remove any dead bodies from there. Do you understand? They are not there to hurt you or make you leave. " she can't stop the tears from flowing. Onacona can feel her sorrow. He reaches for her to wipe her tears.

" my child does not cry I understand what is happening. I am sad because this will unleash evil. You must protect yourself. Place salt crystals around the house. Make sure to have sage burning at all times. Do not go outside of the circle. You and that inside of this house will be protected. Once all of the bodies have been removed burn the ground around the lake. Outside of the fire ring place a mixture of salt and sage. This will ensure that none of the spirits will linger. When all is finished refill the lake and plant a ring of lavender and trees. This will bring the life back to the land. " he gives her a tender smile and blows her a kiss. When his spirit leaves she released the spell so that no other spirit can enter the house. She runs downstairs to speak to Inola. She did not have to go far he was sitting at the bottom of the attic steps waiting for her.

" girl what did Onacona have to say?" Looking at her angrily.

" He said that no one can come home and we cannot leave. That they are about to unleash the evil spirits. He said that we need to put salt crystals around the house. And to have sage burning at all times. That we need to stay inside until they are done. He said that once they are done we need to burn around the lake outside of the ring of fire we need to put a mixture of salt and sage. When the fire goes out we are to refill the lake and plant lavender and trees around the lake to bring back the life." She is wringing her hands in nervousness. Wondering if the others know what she had done.

" you know what you Just did was dangerous and could have let something besides Onacona in. You do not know how to control these things. You should have asked Salali or me to be with you. I knew when you left the kitchen you were going to do something. I just wasn't expecting this. So I told everyone that I felt that things should stay as they are for now since we were not able to do the cleansing ritual. " he sees the tears in her eyes and wraps her in his arms to comfort her.

" I needed to make sure he was ok and understood what was going to happen." She begins to cry hard like someone with a broken heart. Inola holds her while she cries. The uncles heard what she told Inola. John looks angry because he knows that Aisling used witchcraft to summon the medicine man. The commander stops him and motions for him to come to the den. Once the door is closed John looks at his brother.

" you know she used witchcraft to call him. How can she know how to even do these things. We have coddled her and let her little quirks slide. We cannot keep allowing her to do this." The commander looks at his brother and lets him vent so that he doesn't say anything to her or our guests.

" look did you not notice Inola scolded her already. I don't know why or where she learned what she knows. But I do know that little girl upstairs is ours and she has the biggest kindest heart. She gives more than anyone has ever given this family. She loves God more than most as well. I know you have never liked her quirks and you don't understand where her knowledge comes from. We will keep our promise and do whatever she tells us to. We will also double our prayers and have faith that God will prevail overall." John looks at his brother and nods his head in agreement. Knowing that John needs some time to let go of his anger the commander hands him their grandfather's bible from the bookcase. Gives it to John and tells him.

"Grandfather on more than one occasion banished spirits. He has notes inside reading and pray about it. I'm sure God will give you the answer you seek. " with that he goes out to call his wife to see how she is doing.

By the time Aisling was able to call Astila to see how he was. Inola had already talked to him and filled him in. He consoles her

"Hey, love don't worry he was angry because he was worried. Just do as the uncles say and if you do want to do something like that again talk to him first. I miss you and when this is over I am taking you to my home. You need to get a rest. That is as long as Debra and the new baby doesn't need you . " they say goodnight Aisling goes to find Inola. Knocking on his door waiting for him to answer. When he answers

" will you come and help me to set the circle. I have never had to set one so large before. Also if you do it uncle John won't get angry at me. " Inola smiles at her.

" of course my dear no problem I was going to do it when they all went to sleep but we can do it now if you like. It will not be much different than what you did the night before we came. " Aisling looks at him in surprise.

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" How did you know. Do you think it would be ok if we had uncle john pray over the house like that night." She asked just as Inola was knocking on the den door.

"Are you guys ready?" John asked when he opened the door.

" yes, we are. The protection you placed before is still in place we are just asking for another layer so to speak. So we will use the salt that we got the other day. As we place the salt if the reverend here will quote a few scriptures and pray for our protection. Then since we all have our bowls in our rooms we will burn sage continually till they have completed their work. Then when they say it is ok we will finish what we started. " the seven of them went outside the sun was setting they began each of them with a bowl of salt making sure to spread it so there are no gaps in the circle. John praying and quoting scriptures about God's love and protection. It was dark and the moon had risen by the time they made the complete circle. They made their way back into the house. Knowing that they would not be able to leave again until the agents and police leave the property for good.

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