72 It's our Wedding Day

Debra looks at her sister with tears in her eyes. Wishing that their parents could be here to see her on her wedding day. Aisling looks more beautiful than she has ever seen her before. Maureen fixed Aisling's hair in the morning fixing the tiara in place, she looks like a princess in every way. She asked both uncles to give her away, Debra is her maid of honor,Salali along with a few other cousins are her brides maids. Astila has Inola for his best man. Sam a few of Astila's military friends for his groomsmen. They all are dressed in vintage 18th century clothes. The church is decorated in dried flowers and fresh evergreens. With candles lining every window . Aisling is standing just outside the church door waiting for it to open. Steve takes her hand he can tell she is nervous.

"Aisling you ok ? You know if your not sure we can stop. " she pokes him in the side playfully

"I'm sure about Astila , I'm just not sure about being in front of everyone." John grins at both of them

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