161 It’s so good to be home

My heart is pounding like it's going to jump out of my chest. I look over at my handsome husband, we just had the most beautiful and amazing date. Why am I so anxious to be home. It's only been a few days. I can't keep still with the anticipation of being home again. It's never been this way before when I would go away so why now. I see the driveway and a smile crosses my face the moment we turn my heart begins to calm. By the time we are there you heart was back to normal. I see everyone coming out to greet us. Moll notices my face and pulls me aside.,

"what's wrong ?what happened ?" Her voice anxious. She takes my wrist and starts checking my pulse. Looking at me with concern. She turns to everyone and excuses us from the group giving Astila a glare to let him know something is up. the two ladies head upstairs to Moll's room. she checks my feet for swelling and my blood pressure. Feeling my stomach. Looking puzzled she asks. 

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