77 Honeymoon through time4

Aisling met back up with Astila she gave him Ester's address so they could get a carriage. He asked the driver to please hurry. Aisling was looking through the window at the houses as they were going down the streets. She grabbed Astila's arm tightly. The man that Hawk was talking to was there watching the house they just pulled in front of. He looks down at her and the nod of her head he looks out. There he is waiting for a chance to get Ester. Astila looks down at his wife and quietly tells her to go into the house. She slowly gets down from the carriage and heads for the door.

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Astila gets out and walks quietly around the carriage so that he cannot see him. Coming up from behind him, he puts a stick to the man's side as if it's a knife.

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