75 Honeymoon through time2

The next morning after washing up and dressing Aisling placed the glamour spell. Looking at each other making sure all was in place they head downstairs for breakfast. The breakfast was not what they were expecting after the night before. It was a bacon, eggs, white and black pudding along with potato pancakes. Astila looks at the meal it's very greasy and not knowing what white or black pudding is he doesn't eat to eat. Aisling giggles looking at his face. She called the waitress over.

"The white pudding is it pork sausage or liver?" Winking at Astila wondering what he is thinking.

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"We made it with pork sausage this morning. The cook wants to make the liver with onions and mushrooms tonight for dinner. "

Aisling then looks at the black pudding.

"Is the black pudding the same it pork sausage as well?" The waitress nods affirmatively.

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