76 Honeymoon through time 3

After lunch, the two couples go there separate ways. Aisling has a pensive look on her face. Astila isn't sure if he should disturb her thoughts or not. When she sighs he decides to ask her what she is thinking.

"Ok what's on your mind? " taking her hand as they walk around the wooded area of the park.

"I'm confused as to why things got so messed up. They seem so happy and are a good match. At least from what we have seen. "She is playing with the locket at her neck. He can tell she is nervous about something. Astila hears voices and footsteps coming their way. He feels uneasy so he takes her hand and they go behind some overgrown shrubs. It's Hawk with rough-looking gentlemen.

"I cannot allow a baby to stop my marriage. I need you to take care of the woman from earlier. Make sure she is never seen again. "

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He hands him a bag of coins. The man looks at him with an evil grin.

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