160 Heading home

the next morning Astila and Aisling are standing in front of the window watching the sun rise over the ocean. Astila nuzzles Aisling's neck. 

"You ready to head home to the chaos that is our house. " Aisling nods she has loved the alone time with her husband but she has missed their family. Turning in his arms she goes up on tip toe and kisses him. Astila lifts her up and sits her on the window sill. His tongue tracing her lips slipping inside her mouth. Groaning with want he pushes her against the window. Aisling spreads her legs welcoming him inside. Sighing as he enters her warmth he catches his breath as she shifts slightly to take him deeper into her tightness. Aisling thanks God that the windows are tinted and facing the beach. She would be so embarrassed if people could see them from outside. Astila bites down on her shoulder as he spills his seed inside her. Kissing the tip of her nose he asks.

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