48 Hand fasting 2

As each family member came forward to greet the couple. Astila couldn't take his eyes off Aisling. She was more radiant than anyone he had ever seen. Her smile could light up the darkest night. When it came Debra and sam's turn they raised their phones first. There on Sam's phone was his sister.

"My darling brother that was the most beautiful ceremony I believe I have ever seen. Aisling you look amazing. I'm so glad I was able to be apart of it."

Inola took the phone from her and turned it so that they could see. There in the background was Astila's tribe. Salali had her computer connected to a large tv so that everyone in his family could watch. This is also the first time they are getting a glimpse of Aisling.

"How were you able to have everyone there?" Aisling was surprised by how many people were waving.

"Duh we zoomed I just connected the computer to the tv and we zoomed everything. We had both my phone and computer connected. Aisling sweetie meet the family. May we add our blessing to everyone else's. We love you already and I could not have picked a better woman for my nephew. I have been telling everyone about you. They all feel like they know you already. We will see you soon love you both. Now enjoy your new life together." Inola hangs up so that the couple could get back to their guests. Debra turns her phone around for Aisling to see. It's He Jin and Steve.

"Well, son you are one step closer to being actually married. I knew you wouldn't last very long. Welcome to the family and happy engagement. I noticed that you didn't exchange rings. John told me that this was put together in just a few hours. So tomorrow I will go and have them commissioned. The jeweler will mail out your handfasting rings. When they come in to let me know if you need any changes. They will be Claddagh design with a Celtic knot. Similar to mine and He Jin's. We love you guys. We will be in attendance for both of the other wedding promises. " Debra hugs her sister tightly. And congratulated her on her handfasting engagement. She also informs her that Aunt Norma has decided that the twins need some auntie time so she is coming to stay at her house. So the two of them will be alone. This way they can truly have time together. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around holding hands and meeting the family. Just around sunset as everyone was leaving the federal agency that was in charge of Daniel's case is coming up the drive. John along with Debra, Sam, and Norma was still there.

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He gets out and apologized for the interruption.

" I wanted to inform you that Daniel is dead. He killed himself. He was screaming in his cell for days that he was being tortured. They found his body in his cell. He drowned himself in his toilet. He banged his head against it till his nose was smashed and couldn't breathe. Then put his head into the water. He left this for you. " he hands her a letter. And apologized again for arriving on such a special day.

Taking the letter they all go inside. Aisling hands it to Astila. She doesn't want to read it. Opening the letter a key falls out. She picks it up and drops it immediately. Fear washes over her entire body like she was to pass out.

John pulls out his phone and calls the agent to come back there was something in the letter he should see. The agent says he will be back in a moment. Sam goes out to the porch to wait for him. They decide to wait for the agent to read the letter. Norma goes into the kitchen to make tea for everyone. The fear coming from Aisling is suffocating. Astila pulls her into his arms and whispers to her

"There is nothing to fear for I am here." He keeps telling her this until the agent comes in with Sam. Astila gives him the key and begins to read the letter.

"Dearest Aisling

I'm sorry I must leave you. The demons will not let me be. I cannot squelch the fire or the urge to kill. Here they surround me the spirits of those that are unfound. I cannot get away from them they keep whispering in my head. I keep banging my head against the wall trying to just knock myself out for just a few moments of peace. I asked the lawyer to give them this letter and told him where to find the key. If you take this key to the old caverns gift shop it will open it. In the caverns, you will find those that are unfound. Goodbye Aisling. I hope you will find happiness for you were my only light in the darkness.


Taking the letter and key the agent calls the sheriff and asks about the old caverns. The sheriff gives him the address and says he will meet him there. The agent looks at Aisling.

"There is nothing you need to do. You are now free from him forever. I'm sorry that I did not read this before bringing it to you. If I had I could have avoided you having to go through this. I'm truly sorry for ruining your special day." He nods to them and takes his leave. Norma looks at Aisling and goes to sit by her.

"a darling child does not let that evil man put a damper on your happiness. He is forever gone now and nothing he did was your fault. We are going to take our leave so that you two can get some time together. Astila I leave my girl in your hands. I hope that you were not overwhelmed by my shenanigans today. It's been a while since I got to put on a good party and today was one of the best. Love you my child now go enjoy this sexy man. Lord if only I was younger. " she hugs them both and takes Sam by the hand as they leave. Astila snuggles Aisling enjoying just having her in his arms. He begins to softly kiss her. Picking her up he carries her up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, he stops. She looks up at him.

" Why did you stop?" Looking into his eyes they are sparkling with happiness.

" I don't know which room to go to. You never told me where you want to sleep. "

She starts to laugh.

"Tonight we need to sleep in your room. Mine has trunks everywhere. The girls made a huge mess pulling out all of the dresses. I just remembered they all wore them home. They took my dresses. I need to make sure to get them back they need to be put back where they came from. Oh, remind me to show you what else we found tonight. I found a new treasure. Unless you want to see it now since it's still early." She smiles at him. Astila wants nothing more than to take her to bed. He has missed her these two weeks. But if showing him her newest treasure will make her happy he is ok with it.

"Ok show me. " they head into her room. There is a mixture of vintage and modern clothes everywhere. She goes over to the closet and starts to pull a heavy trunk from the very back of it. It's a heavy mahogany trunk with a Celtic knot on it. Lifting the lid there are smaller boxes inside. Opening the box on top is a hatbox inside a black silk top hat. Under it is a larger box inside is a linen shirt with black cotton breaches. A silk men's topcoat with tails. A waistcoat with ivory buttons. Looking inside it has dried lavender throughout the box to keep it smelling fresh. There is an emerald shamrocks pin with an eagle feather attached. A pair of men's high leather riding boots.

"We didn't look inside earlier I just noticed a new trunk in the back. I wanted to explore it with you. " she takes the next box out on the outside is faded writing on the wooden box. It has a large w on it. Opening the lid is an exquisite gown of white silk and hand made lace. The clothes have yellowed with age. It has beading along the neckline. Looking inside the box Aisling gives a piece of paper to Astila. He looks at it and tells her

" I think this might be a Charles worth wedding gown. This is a receipt from the house of Worth. if this fits it could be your wedding dress. I could wear those clothes instead of a tuxedo if they fit. There are a veil and a diamond and emerald tiara. Why don't we keep looking ." He takes the dress box out at the very bottom of the box is a large jewelry box inside is what looks like a diamond-studded pair of shoes. At the bottom of the box is a painting in the painting is a couple. The woman is wearing the locket that Aisling always wears. They are dressed in these clothes. This is Maureen and her husband on their wedding day. Aisling squealed with delight.

"I will have to find out how we can get them cleaned without damage them. " she touches the locket she has never been able to get it open. Maybe someday she can open it. They decide it's time for bed they can get her other dresses back in a few days and figure out how clean these tomorrow. For now, Astila only wants to be beside her and show her just how much he loves her. They make their way to his room

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