193 Going undercover 2

Yona arrives at Grove's office with the contracts and the check. He sees the secretary and winks at her flirtatiously to get her attention. Grove shoots him an angry look as he offers him his hand. 

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"Hi I'm Yona , I was in Japan when Norma passed away so we didn't get a chance to meet. " Grove looks at him and wonders what this mans angle is. 

"So which cousin are you banging?" Yona is taken back at his choice of words. His anger is already rising. 

"Excuse me I think I heard you wrong. Can you repeat the question?" Grove gives him a slimy smile and asks him again. 

"Look we are both men and I'm sure that you are banging one of the cousins. My wife seems to have enough of them. They all are beautiful though I like the quiet ones so if I ever had the chance I would go for the mute one. She is a nice piece I bet she is wild in the sack." Yona balls his hand up into a fist and tries to calm down. 

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