51 Going back to work.

It's the first day of the new school year. Aisling is excited to meet her students. She always loves the first day of school. Gathering her things she heads out for work. Arriving at the school she meets up with a few parents from the year before. They all came for first day assembly and to greet the teacher. Going to her classroom she has everything ready for her new students their names are all up on the wall along with their places at their tables. As the kids come in she asks them to take their names from the wall and take it to their seats. After all 20 students have arrived she introduces herself to the class and parents.

"Good morning everyone I am Aisling since my name is kind of long I go by Miss Aisling. It seems to be easier for most. I always like to start by asking each person to put their names back up on our name tree. This way you get the chance to introduce yourselves to your class mates . Also it gives you a chance to tell them about yourself. Who would like to go first?" She looks around waiting for someone to volunteer. A little guy in the front raises his hand.

"Hi I'm Alex and I am a good fighter and like to play football. I am going to let everyone know up front . As long as your nice to me I will be nice to you. If your not then we may have problems." He goes and puts his name back on the tree. The parents chuckled thinking he was cute. He gave them a stern look. Aisling let his remark slide for now. A few others raised their hands and soon most introductions were complete. There were two left a girl and boy. They both stood up at the same time. Only the boy spoke.

"I'm Caleb and this is my sister Olivia. She doesn't talk much she is kind of shy. So please don't bother or tease her. Just like Alex I'm a good fighter and if you bother my sister then your likely to get an ass whooping. " they put their names on the wall. Aisling takes this open to address the no tolerance rule.

"Well now that we got that out of the way . I will go over the rules.

Under no circumstances do I allow violence. I will not tolerate bullying of any kind. If you cannot show respect and be nice to each other then you will have lessons on how to. "Seeing the parents faces she feels the need to explain.

"That means if I see or hear of anyone not using their manners or teasing anyone they will lose one recess. If they continue this behavior then they will have to sit through an etiquette class during recess for the next ten days. If someone lays hands on someone else they will be suspended from school immediately. Even if it's self defense or protecting someone else. Both parties will be suspended if both are fighting. If someone comes and tells me they are being bullied then the person doing the bullying will have to not only lose their recess time and possibly have to have etiquette class. They will have to be my partner for the entire week. Which means they will have to sit beside my desk. They will sit with me during lunch. They will be within my sight every moment possible. They also will have to do community service for the class. Any questions." Looking around to see if anyone has questions . A parent raises their hand .

" that is quite harsh for only second graders don't you think?" Aisling looks at the woman noticing the slight bruises on her arm.

"No ma'am I don't . If I allow them to bully or hurt their classes. Then they will think that it is ok. No one has the right to lay hands of any kind on another person without permission. No one has the right to cause someone to be afraid just because they think they can. If someone is having issues controlling their body and their temper . It is our duty to teach them how to. It's when children are not taught control that they grow up not knowing control. It is when children are not taught or given respect that they do not show it or expect it. I want them to have a respectful and safe environment in which to learn. I feel that by letting them know what I expect and what the consequences of their actions are upfront . They will have no problem with the punishment if they break a rule. " she explains this because she wants parents to know what she expects as well. Also this way if their child gets punished they will have no way of saying I didn't know. The boy Alex raised his hand.

"Yes Alex you have something to say.?"

He nodded and turn to the parents and addresses his fellow classmates.

"My brother has miss Aisling a before. He was always coming home with bruises and was really scared all the time. Then he got into her class. He told her that he was getting beat up. She asked him who it was but he didn't want to say because of fear. She watched him real close. When she found out who it was that person lost his recess for almost the entire month. she did exactly what she just said my brother was so happy because he wasn't being beaten anymore. He was happy when he found out I got her. " he sat back down. Waiting for someone to say something. That was the end of the conversation. She also understood why he felt the need to let everyone know he could fight. He didn't want to be bullied by anyone. The rest of the day went smoothly and she got to enjoy her kids. She always has been grateful that even though she had to take all of her classes via online. That the administration had faith in her abilities. She loves teaching the kids and hope they will enjoy her way of teaching. Heading home she arrived only by abut thirty minutes before Astila. She quickly gets dinner made and meets him in the driveway. She is anxious to see how his day went.

He gets out and pins her beside the car. Giving her a big hug and kisses her breathless. When they come up for air. She smiles at him.

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"So how was your day?" He knows what she is really asking.

"Hmm my day well you are looking at the newest member of the university hospital staff. I will be starting after we get back from our honeymoon. I have extended my classes through till two weeks before our wedding. My vacation time from Knoxville will begin in two weeks. So you have nothing to worry about all will be ready." Kissing her again he feels the passion growing already. He isn't sure he even wants to have dinner. He only wants her .

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