167 Gender reveal 2

After all the commotion was over things got back on track. Remi texted Jin to let her know they were five minutes away. Jin gets Maureen and Onacona ready to head over to the party. Yona tells Astila to stop by the bar on the way home he has something for Marshal. 

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Astila nods and instead of turning up the mountain he heads for the bar. Moll lets everyone know they are almost here. Debra and Sam made sure that the food was ready . All the ladies were dressed in the costumes that Jin provided . There were special ones for the ones to arrive to wear. When they arrive at the bar Onacona is turning in as well. They all greet each other and head inside. When they walk in the bar is dark. Yona yells out for Marshal it's the signal for everyone to throw confetti and yell surprise . The two couples were very surprised that everyone did something so sweet. 

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