136 First session

During breakfast they ask Remi who will be with her during her session. She looks at everyone and lowers her head . Maureen takes her hand and tells her. 

" You will not hurt anyone's feelings by your choice. Think about it and the one who you think will give you most comfort can be your choice . " Maureen sweeps Remi's hair from her face smiling at her encouraging her. Remi hugs her and motions for her to come with her. Maureen goes with Remi . They chose to do her sessions in the sun room since no one ever uses it. When they enter Maureen automatically lights the incense burner and mixes white sage and lavender oil. Winona looks at her and harshly asks. 

"what are you doing ?" Maureen's back goes ridged at her tone. Her eyes flash with anger. 

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