130 FBI Brings in the state attorney general

when the four friends leave Jonathan along with his partner and state police sit with Yona and Jasmine. They want to discuss options on how to proceed. Jonathan starts the discussion. 

"so we took an unorthodox way to go about things and so that the Mayor can not say that it's not done by the book. This is how I think we should go. I have contacted the bureau. We are going to ask for a search warrant for the Mayors financial,political and phone records. Going back ten years that way we can see if there were any other dealings that we need to find. My superior will contact the attorney generals office to start an internal investigation. He said he will just give them a heads up that we have evidence of corruption in this county. That way we will be working in conjunction with the state not just giving them the evidence to cover our hides for over stepping." The state Sargent lifts his hand to let him know he has something to say. 

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