94 Family time

Late in the day Astila finally is able to take Aisling home. When they arrive thank goodness it was just John, Debra's little family and those staying in the house. Sitting in the drive is a large Rv it looks almost new. Astila smiles to himself looks like they already getting things ready.

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Sam is pacing in front of the Rv as if he is worried about something.

"Sam what's wrong why are you so fidgety?" Aisling places her hand on his arm.

"Please don't get angry I did this before knowing what was the truth about things?" He looks at her sheepishly

"What did you do ? I'm sure it's not as bad as you think" she hugs him in reassurance.

"Well you see I was looking at vacations places for the twins first birthday and felt that it would be to hard . So for Christmas I bought Debra this " slapping the hood of the Rv.

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