197 Eva’s decisions 2

Marshal gets the text that the prisoner is ready. He sets his computer and tv up to begin the video call. It's the first time Eva has seen her husband Grove since the whole mess started. Looking at Marshal when she sees Grove's battered face she gives him a ghost smile. He turns away to grin at the wall so no one can see him. Grove bows his head and starts to try to explain to his wife and kids. 

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"Don't believe anything that your cousin tells you. He is trying to get you to leave me just look what he did to my face. I am innocent I was set up by my secretary. She was the one who did all ove the illegal dealings. I swear I did none of what they said. You have to believe me and come get me out." By this time he is groveling and crying trying to convince Eva that she is being tricked. Her son steps where grove can see him clearly and tells his father. 

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