199 Easter

The next morning Aisling gives the ladies their dishes that they are responsible for Easter dinner. Aunt Charlie is in charge of baking the bread and rolls, HeJin is in charge of the pies and Salali the cakes. While they are baking Maureen,Debra and Aisling are snapping beans . Moll is pealing the potatoes and getting the eggs ready for the kids to dye. The men are outside setting up the tables and tents for the next days dinner. Remi is making the chocolate bunnies for each of the kids. Thomas and a few of the older cousins are filling the plastic eggs for the egg hunt. Crystal and Brayden are helping Eva with picking cherry blossoms and flowers from the field. The day is beautiful and warm . They hear one of Debra's twins scream and go running. She is by the barn some bees have made a nest so Astila gets the smoker and removes the wasp nest while Sam takes care of her hand. Aisling comes over with a salve to help with the sting. She looks at Sam and asks.

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